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Indigo's Storytime 1

The whole instance of my story began a long time ago around my freshman year of high school when I met another guy who made comics involving his own characters in a Dragon Ball Z setting of sorts. After that I kind of mimiced his style and we both collaborated on two different stories that intersected with each other at certain points. His was called Fatal Dragons, mine was dubbed Fatal Hearts (cheesy I know) and that was the start of my whole series and timeline of stories and characters. Every now and then I would come up with new characters to add on to this world and include some of my favorite mythologies, cultural references, and themes that kind of made my own personal comic/anime etc THING. I just never wrote it but there's stacks of shitty comics and notebooks in my basement of this stuff and I don't know if i'll make it a story or a series for people to see but I do like elaborating on the story, which...I think is pretty friggin cheesy but WHATEVER.
If I were to give you a description of the world Rivers' and my other characters live in I would say think of it like Ghost In the Shell, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and FF13. A mix of magic and highly advanced technology. Floating cars and all that cool stuff but still having a very strong mystical culture and drive to it.

I introduced a lot of celestial and mystic parts of the world but it actually is our world, only a different branch of the timeline. You see when I took a science class in my sophmore year of high school my teacher had us do a research paper on this event that happens every few years called a "Mass Extinction" ours was the 5th so far which involved a number of deer in some forest of some state I forget what the paper was on it was so long ago. BUT that gave me the premise for a way to create me own "real world" in my head, so I theorized what if the "6th Mass Extinction" was mankind? That at some point after the year 2000 over 90% of the human race simply started dying? People falling to sleep at night and not waking up, getting sick with various diseases and cancers and eventually dwindling the race down to a few million people in the entire world. A movie I watched around that time called "Children of Men" gave me my next idea in the main focus of the plot which was child birth.

The planet and nature itself compensated for the imbalance of species by forcing the surviving human populaton to give birth to mutated children, babies born with deformed bone structure, added appendages or normal anatomy features being re-arranged (ears at the top of the head, the tail-bone not shortening during the fetus' development stage, and the bones in our legs being horrible disfigured.) Almost as if nature was slowly experimenting with our children and trying to fuse us with animals. Eventually human began giving birth to anthro-type children and over a period of maybe a thousand years we partially evolved into animals. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to create one of my favorite kinds of worlds where man, animal, and everything inbetween co-exist in one world and from that Fatal Hearts had turned into my own personal future.
I wanted to mix my love of magical worlds like the ones I saw in Star Ocean and Suikoden, but also blend in my love of technology and how both can be used in conjunction with each other..another reason why Star Ocean especially is a favorite of mine.

So instead of starting from point A to point B I am going to start from the present and the feedback I get will allow me to expand on the points of my story people find the most interesting.
With that said the most current character of mine would be Rivers Di Fiori, most are already familiar with him and his story, being born from a father whom was genetically created in a lab and a human female (both tigers), he is just as much of an experiment as he his father was. The world he lives in literally thrives and lives because of the latent magical ability all beings share, however in Rivers' case his father took away the part of his spirit and biology that allows him to harness magic and utilize it, so in a sense he is the first "mortal" character i've made in a while. He's unable to use any of the 200 formulae designed to alter and cast magic, and his body itself is at an incredible disadvantage in a society were sickness and biological problems are cured with magic entirely.

So yeah that's a start for my story...sounds retarded now that I have put it on paper so i'm going to go drown my embarassment in bacon and ice cream (Yes...I eat them together).

Questions welcome.
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Added: 8 years, 6 months ago
8 years, 6 months ago
Cool story.  I would like to know more.  All of it sounds really interesting.
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