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New Plans: Still Taking Commissions:

So....I'll be blunt, I knew I probably wouldn't reach the goal very fast on here, which would be at least 1,156$ for the GPU (unless even gone with the cheaper one 995$)
And thing is, I know I'm still "new" to people
I get that, even if I've been on the internet since literally the start of the internet in 2005....ahhh good memories....
And during that time I was mostly playing those games you can put into the computer like Put Put or the magic school buss. Good times

But I've always been a shadow online. Always. 2017 was the only year I've gotten noticed and loved by people around. I miss those days lol.
And back then people were always happy to ask for commissions (i shouldn't have dedicated my life to youtube lol)

But I digress, I realize that it's gonna take a very long time if just depending on people for this kind of help especially when I'm a literal no one. Hurts to say for all I've done but it happens. It's either you have it or you don't.

So the new plan is, which I guess my mum helped me settle this since when it comes to money I PANIC. I legit don't know what to do because it's....it's important. Money is important to have. Especially for the things I want to do and everything I try to do. And I try to buy the cheapest things I can find to at least make it less damaging. You know? And only when I can buy the expensive gear, I can. As long as I know it won't damage me.
So my mum took me to the bank and said "See we have at least 1000 in the bank, take out 500 this month and you can still spend about 200 this month for food and such or any needs, and then next month you should have at least another 1000, take out that 500, and I'll give you 156$ for your GPU and then for the next following months buy the other components. And when it's time to put it together we'll figure out the same idea."

...thank god she's in my life or, idk...lol. Thing is, I'm terrible at math, I'm dyslexic in math, I wouldn't know that I'd still have about 200$ left to spend for the month. Cause I suck at money.
So she reassured me we'd still be fine and she hasn't lead me astray with at least money cause she's great at counting and doing that kind of math lol I'm not. I suck.

So while I buy each component slowly which I'd imagine by later this year around Nov. or Dec I'd have the full rig going. Maybe...let me just think for a moment---

after the calculations it would take about 7 months. So not surprised. (unless a miracle happens lol)
But hey I waited this long and while waiting for the 7 months, I can still work and rig on models so that way by the time i get the rig, I'll have everything practically set since by 7 months I'd say at least 1/3rd of the character's should be done. So in a way i guess it actually works out cause i can finish any concept art and most characters while writing out the storyline well okay I have the storyline what I mean was the dialogue lol
But I can't let this go to waste...my grandmother is like my biggest fan of my bunnies always wanting to see more of the models and every time she does she smiles so brightly and how proud she says she is of me; and the my concept artists are pretty excited about it because they always wanted their artwork in a game too, even saying if I need more to just ask them, and even my VA's who always wanted to voice a game and one of them Shiloh who voices Willy and Stanley refuses to get paid because he's kind of treating me like a stock and saying he'll make bank when I'm successful since he says he sees the passion in my creation which he loves about artists. Even the ex VA really can't wait to be apart of it either by having his character in the game too.
So I can't let them down. Too many people are relaying one me to make my dream so that event THEIR dream come true since they've always wanted to be apart of something like this
And by my good morals I CANNOT let them down. So I have to try every way I can since too many are relaying one me. And as a good Boss I don't want to let them down at all.
I want their dreams to come true too! I want all to have their names be known by this game so that way others will want them too so they can branch out and be their own and work for more and harder than ever before!


So I guess that takes care of the GPU situation
now technically I don't even need to take commissions but I will. I mean any money is good money regardless. And seeing how little anyone asks for commissions anyway I guess that's less stress to worry about that I don't NEED it as badly, but I'll gladly accept any commission

And again, because it acts as a donation---I'll still let your name be at the end of the credits of the game as "Special Thanks" since again, it acts as a donation

And before the pricing, I actually lowered the pricing, by cutting most of them in half. So that way it's not too expensive for you guys. Cause I do understand, really I do. Economy is bad, we're all waiting for their paychecks, you're waiting for lovely payday and then use some of it to pay off bills or a phone bill or something of the sort or at least for that shopping that needs to get done.
So I get it, that's why I chopped the prices.
Which are now this:

                                                     Lineart: 5$
                                                 -Extra characters: 2$
                                                  -NSFW: 5$
                                                  -Questionable: 5$

                                               Simple Character: (no shading): 15$
                                                   -Extra characters 2$
                                                   -Background: 5$
                                                   -NSFW: 5$
                                                  -Questionable: 5$

                                            Detailed Drawing +Shadows: 25$
                                                  -Extra Characters: 2$
                                                  -NSFW: 5$
                                                  -Questionable: 5$
                                           Character Sheet: 15$
                                               -Shading: 5$
                                               -Questionable: 5$

                                                Simple Gifs: [Loop] 50$
                                                 -Extra Characters: 5$
     [Do note gifs will take much longer than a drawing. So if you can wait, then it's all good. Cause yes I make animations. You can see them on both my youtube and or my Newgrounds]

                                     Icons/Avatars For Youtube Channels/streams: (stack of 5): 30$
                                           -every extra icon/avatar: 3$
                                            -Shaded: 5$
                                            -Questionable: 5$
                                           -Extra Character (2 characters in one picture): 5$

                                                 Voice Acting: 10$
              (yes I can do voices: check video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_fZcEggeAw )
                                             Types I can do:
               -Young male (ex: Tails, Gregory (fnaf), raspy, Ash Ketchum)
              -Young female (Fluttershy, Lambie (Disney), Derpy Hooves, A decent idealism of Pinkiepie)
               -Misc (Pikachu, anime girl (yes will talk in Japanese) can do silly voices as well or really high pitched to really soft or raspy)
                               -Questionable: 5$
                               -NSFW: 10$ (will be harder since I live with people, would have to be early mornings during Thur, Fri, and Sats)
                                  (Doesn't matter whether of animation or comic. All stand around 10$ it only changes depending on the variation of the content.)

-I draw all things on the weekend because during the week I 3D model my characters, make my manga, edit videos, and record videos for my youtube channel. So all work will be done on weekends and will be finished on weekends.
-If you constantly ask "is it done is it done when will it be done? is it done is it done?" I will cancel the project. Everyone has the right to know what's going on, which is fine, but I stress out enough as is. I'll let you know when it's done when I dm you.
-I don't mind fetishes but the ones I won't do are:
      feces, rape, loli/underage/child pornography/cub, hate (meaning you don't like someone on here and you want to draw their character in a hateful way/"injuring" I will not take it), dead, inflated, overweight, farting, necrophilia, asphyxiation, fly (disambiguation), hanging, smelly, diaper, and vore. (this list can grow if you suggest something I may not like. but other than that, if it's not on the list, then I'll probably make it)
-I will make human and even if it's not here, I have a dropbox that I can send it to you via on there.
-I normally draw things out of the Sega, Nintendo, TMNT, BATIM, FNAF, Mao Mao, ACNH,  fandom however, I will draw others that you like, or even your fancharacter/fursona
-I will not draw comics seeing how they take way to damn long. However, I will draw a comic like page, with one or two panels.

Sorry I didn't mention it before but yes I can do voice acting and I can act out a lot of characters and I even VA a lot of my own characters from series.
So if you do need a voice for something, at least I'm cheap when it comes to that. Any money is good money.
And again if you doubt me a bit, you can check out the video that is linked. I may not be 100% great at all the voices in that video but I literally got copyright claimed with the FNAF one for voicing Gregory so I must sound a lot like him lmao.
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