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Here To Make Commissions:

In a way by asking for submissions you're donating to me for a new computer rig so I can actually make my video game that I'm trying to create. As great as my laptop is, it can't handle making the video game I wish to create.
So by doing commissions like I used to do years ago on here, then stopped to become a youtuber, problem is, even after years, I never really became popular enough to make much of anything if anything at all.
But that won't stop my passion for creation.

But to gain this goal I need oi...2k$. So I'll be making a lot of commissions if you wish to buy from me.
So let's get into it, meaning what I'll do and prices for it.

Now before you probably want to buy anything, you're probably wondering, "How good are you even to give prices?" well easy, I'd repost on here but I don't want to spam people.
But, go to my D.A page and judge for yourself.
I do both furry/animals and anime: https://www.deviantart.com/xanimextremexx

I mean if I can make 3D models, and I own Clip Studio, so my content is normally in good quality. (especially now)

Now for the prices/what I'll do:

                                                 Lineart: 5$
                                                 -Extra characters: 2$
                                                  -NSFW: 10$
                                                  -Questionable: 5$

                                               Simple Character: (no shading): 15$
                                                   -Extra characters 2$
                                                   -Background: 10$
                                                  -NSFW: 10$
                                                  -Questionable: 5$

                                             Detailed Drawing +Shadows: 25$
                                                  -Extra Characters: 2$
                                                  -NSFW: 10$
                                                  -Questionable: 5$
                                           Character Sheet: 15$
                                               -Shading: 10$
                                               -Questionable: 5$

                                                Simple Gifs: [Loop] 50$
                                                 -Extra Characters: 5$
     [Do note gifs will take much longer than a drawing. So if you can wait, then it's all good. Cause yes I make animations. You can see them on both my youtube and or my Newgrounds]

                                     Icons/Avatars For Youtube Channels/streams: (stack of 5) 30$
                                            -every extra icon/avatar: 3$
                                            -Shaded: 5$
                                            -Questionable: 5$
                                           -Extra Character: 5$

-I draw all things on the weekend because during the week I 3D model my characters, make my manga, edit videos, and record videos for my youtube channel. So all work will be done on weekends and will be finished on weekends.
-If you constantly ask "is it done is it done when will it be done? is it done is it done?" I will cancel the project. Everyone has the right to know what's going on, which is fine, but I stress out enough as is. I'll let you know when it's done when I dm you.
-I don't mind fetishes but the ones I won't do are:
      feces, rape, loli/underage/child pornography/cub, hate (meaning you don't like someone on here and you want to draw their character in a hateful way/"injuring" I will not take it), dead, inflated, overweight, farting, necrophilia, asphyxiation, fly (disambiguation), hanging, smelly, diaper, and vore. (this list can grow if you suggest something I may not like. but other than that, if it's not on the list, then I'll probably make it)
-I will make human and even if it's not here, I have a dropbox that I can send it to you via on there.
-I normally draw things out of the Sega, Nintendo, TMNT, BATIM, FNAF, Mao Mao, ACNH,  fandom however, I will draw others that you like, or even your fancharacter/fursona
-I will not draw comics seeing how they take way to damn long. However, I will draw a comic like page, with one or two panels.

So what else do you get out of this?
Well since this is technically a donation, and I need it for a better rig to make a video game of mine that I am passionate about, and if you do have the thought "aww well, I'll do it out of good faith...I mean....I get it. I'll donate/ask for a commission" then you WILL BE THANKED IN THE END CREDITS OF MY GAME!
Especially if you keep on donating etc.
So not only do you get a commission, your username will be at the end of the credits in the "Special Thanks" section.
So good perk right there people!

I would've had a patreon but no one donated on me on there since the day I made it only because I stopped NSFW work. And continued just being a youtuber.
The reason things are done on weekends again, is because you can imagine how much I do during the week. Trying to push other things out

Now when I do reach my goal which I will say when I do and thank all of those who helped--
I will end the Commissions until I need more funding

I may keep it a bit open though, since I want to convert my shed outside into a type of recording studio
but one thing at a time.

People have always told me and every video I ever see is "dreams can come true." and honestly with clinical depression, I find it sometimes hard to see that.
But you can prove me wrong. You can help donate/ask for a commission to help me push that dream into reality.
I really just need the cash for my rig.

The total $$ number I need is: 2,553$
I know it's A LOT
but if I can keep up the pace, then I'm willing to do it.
I sadly can't work thanks to my SSI and having disabilities, but if I can work drawing artwork, then
I'll do it that way!

So let's go! I'm here to help and I hope so are you!

Also teamed up with my friend Defender on here so whenever she gets a lot of commissions I will also help out.

Same for here. If there's a lot of commissions in process by any chance, Defender can take over, of course you can have a say of who you want to make your commission cause the old saying "the costumer is always right) lol

but we both have huge goals to make to help with our future, and if we can help promote and help spread the word and help with commissions we will.

her profile which is much more active than mine is: https://inkbunny.net/DefenderBunny

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