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Opening Commissions Again… And kinda returning.

Well, this was horrible. I hate not getting stuff done, but 2021 ended up rough, after going so well for a while. That was very disappointing, and while I haven’t recovered 100% yet, I’m at least being productive again, drawing again. I couldn’t finish a drawing for like 3 months, but things are normalizing.
I don’t wanna get into detail, but basically it was a combination of me doing things wrong (which made me leave) and some really bad IRL stuff out of my control (which shook me a lot and messed things up), resulting in me losing the year that was supposed to be so special (which prevented me from recovering).
When I left I was supposed to focus on doing all those projects that I wasn’t tackling due to drawing. I didn’t, and I hate it, but I couldn’t. Hopefully I should be able to do stuff soon.

It’s still going to be a while before I post. Who knows how long.
I wanna keep the thing I had going on, completing all the introductory sketches I made in order to introduce themes to my gallery, and after that I’ll start from the beginning of 2021, posting the drawings in order. But before any of that there are four things I wanna have:
•The tag-helper, which is supposed to make tagging a lot easier for me, encouraging me to do it more, since it can be a bit of a barrier for posting stuff.
•The tag system I’ve talked about before, which should work to make easier for people to browse my galleries or avoid certain content (and supposed to be more efficient than the general site tags).
•Re-tagging every drawing I’ve posted so far, so they use the better tags.
•And the conlang that I wanna finish to use for TMI stuff in the descriptions of my drawings, which some people might want to read, but others might want to not see at all.

The last one is optional, I can simply crop out those parts of the description until I have the language ready. But the other three I feel like really need to happen. It’s like cleaning, if I keep using the galleries without doing it, it’s only gonna get worse for later.


Slots are going to work a bit differently for a while, since I don’t want to do the silly limiting thing of generating slots, but otherwise it’s the same. New slots will show up immediately after I’m done with a commission, though I might reduce the total number of slots. Maybe half, idk.
Commissions will be delivered in private and if you want to post them on your galleries you can… but it will probably take a while to show up in mine (I have 8 done already that I haven’t posted yet).

I should also stress that eventually I’m going to start charging more if I have to see a new reference, just because I’m not feeling 100% comfortable with having to see references, since they’re art, and while I still want to do it for money, I just want to get more for it as well. I know it’s stupid and might make some people upset, but I don’t want to betray my feelings.

That said, it’s nothing urgent since I wanna give people the time to commission their characters before starting charging for new refs, since I think it would be unfair otherwise, to just return and start doing that without giving people a chance to get their characters in, even though they might have wanted for a long while.

So yeah, characters I have drawn before are free from this extra charge in future commissions, as well as any characters I’m shown before I start doing this thing, which should be in a month or two, who knows. But after that, if I have to see a reference I’ve never seen before, I’ll charge an extra price for the character I had to see for the first time, which might be around 10$ (I still have to decide).
Characters that are described to me are fine, as well as characters that I’ve made the reference to, of course, or characters of my own creation. It’s only for when I have to see the work of other artists.

If you’re interested in commissioning, more info is available here.

Now finally I’d just like to address the people who commented in my previous journal. I don’t thank people individually because I think it’s silly, but I just wanna let you all know that your appreciation is noted. Thank you. And sorry for leaving for so long. Hopefully things can stabilize and I won’t have to go into a hiatus ever again.
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Added: 4 months, 1 week ago
4 months, 1 week ago
Sorry bad things happened *snuggleslurps*
4 months, 1 week ago
Glad to see you back.  I think it's reasonable to ask for a fee to look at other's reference art if it makes you uncomfortable, and I'm sure that anyone who really wants to commission you will feel the same.
4 months, 1 week ago
The community welcomes you back with open arms...
I for one am happy to see you back!

4 months, 1 week ago
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