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Why am I here??

I've been part of this fandom for quite some time and I gained a few friends,
but the real reason I'm here is not cause of the porn(just one perk) but the community.
Although the fandom can filled with jerks and nutjobs there are just as many nice kind people,
to be perfectly honest all I really want is social interaction I'm not too good making friends RL,
I wouldn't mind going to a convention however nobody in my family knows and I'm afraid to tell them.
Thats one major problem in my life I can never say whats on my mind in person and everyone-
thinks I'm a jerk but thats not the case I wish there was someone close by who could help me.

With that being said I don't know how everyone would react but if they accepted my sister being gay...
it's a big risk but I have no reputation or anything to lose so why can't I tell anyone,
on a sidenote the fandom may have a bad rep but if we tried to we could change that.

Rant aside what I like about furry is the well the art I know I'm not on the level to be of note,
I've been trying to fix that(for years) and thanks to many people I will, that is my goal.
It's really annoying when people think i'm dumb but I can't speak up to tell them otherwise,
it's like a mental block or something, I need to fix this badly and force my parents to letme get a job.  
At school was the only place I felt happy untill I found the fandom but even still I feel trapped in my own house...

I have to keep going I have to breakout I have to SPEAK!!
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Added: 6 years, 8 months ago
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