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Emotion VS Logic.

This is longer than intended. Meh...


I have said to some, even in person, we are driven by emotions. It's what makes us tick.

Logic, we only use as an occasional guide, when we want something more substantial than a coin toss to help us make any decision, mostly when we intend them to be what can be thought of as a good decision, give or take what any person happens to think is good.

In the end, it's our emotions that drives what we do, even when we fully well know, logically, it's not a good thing to be doing. Some of us may turn that part of us off, in spite of it's internal mentally screaming warnings, not to go there.

Some get upset when humanity can be compared to mere animals. Even though, it's quite easy to make such a comparison.

I have much the same to say about it, as is said in this video.


Though, this is just from a cartoon, the massage is quite sound and based on IRL real observations by others. Obviously more than just I am aware of the situation with humanity as a whole.


If one feels the need to try and cope, I think the best way to cope, is just to understand this part of humanity as a given to how we as humans are. Don't bother trying to change it. You will come to the end of your life, not really changing a darn thing.

Some are far more logical than others, but for those that swing the other way, there is no reasoning. Not with or about.

Coming to terms with this, is hard, but I feel is necessary.


Some of us try to be better people. But in doing so, others try to drag them though the mud, in an attempt to dirty them.

I feel it's like some smokers, drinkers, and drug users, wish to get others to do the same as them. For, deep in the back of their mind, they may feel, any who is not doing as they are, is mocking them in some way, for not doing as they do, as though they are better people than to do such things. That only lesser people do such things.

They may feel it's best to them, to get others doing the same as them, so those others can't feel they are any better than them. Even when what they are doing they know is not good for them or anyone else.

Would be more logical to quit such things, than try to get others doing the same as them. But, fuck logic. Right?  O.o


Was at a time, as I sometimes do, use F-N or F**K instead of Fucken or Fuck in a post. And fully ignoring the main subject, someone wanted to focus on my chosen lettering in their reply to me.

Stating, to this person that I don't know how to swear right, and asking if I am worried about my mother getting on my case for swearing.

I know, the person is just a typical childish troll.

But still, it shows that there was a need by this person to try and drag me down for trying to show any decency in my word letting choices at the time.

I find this happen on occasion. A person trying to be a decent person in some way, and someone else has to try to mock them for it.

Reason I feel being, despite it would help make the world a little better for everyone if more people where more decent each other, some are not concerned at all in helping to make this world better for everyone else. And those trying is like a mental slap in their face, by those who are actually trying. And so, must be mocked for it, in hopes to drag them down to be something lesser than decent.

Why? So they don't get mocked by others themselves, for not being as decent as those who are trying. Kill the example others are setting, and one does not have to follow.


I by no means feel I am some better person than others, and always think logically in a helpful to all, kind of way. Not at all.

Hell, me spending the time to post such a thing as this, than doing so many other things, perhaps far more useful to me and others, shows, even my emotions has its- "Fuck you logic! I'm a go have my emotional, get this shit off my chest, verbal puking near none wishes to see." -way with what I may decide to be doing with my limited time in this world. >.>


Emotions. Despite how messed up they can make us, we not be anything without them. And logic, it's just one way of thinking. Noting more.
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