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Some Updates

There is an artist named strype on FA that has been doing these journals about his character of the same name and the world he lives in. From technology, to species, culture, plots, characters and a timeline even which has me wanting to elaborate on my own story.

As you know i'm re-designing 20 experiment-tigers whom made up my very first anthro characters when I joined this community, but perhaps I could elaborate on their world as well while you guys can read each ones individual profile for more in depth information.

For now I will say the story is titled "Combat Diary" as I kind of always saw my idea being a game similar to Disgaea...which that series' full title is "Netherworld Battle Chronicles: Disgaea" so in a sense I wanted it to be a series like that with lots of fighting and drama and a mix of cyberpunk/fantasy theme to it.

If you're all interested i'll be glad to write out something to give you a better picture of the world Rivers' and my other characters come from.

Also speaking of which I've been talking to @kantrawulf for a good while now and he told me that he and
had now wanted to include Rivers' in their developing story. Something I was honored by and discussing the themes and differences in each world I just might want to do the same and create sort of a cross over between their story and my story. Sort of like a split-universe type deal or maybe our triple man collaboration will become two separate stories but having the characters cross over into each of our respective continuity. (Kind of like how Tusbasa Reservoir Chronicles and XXXHolic cross over but are two separate stories just taking place in similar intersecting worlds.)

Seeing as how i'm still developing Rivers' and his life as an outcast and troubled young man, the appearance of two small boys could probably help him regain some of his innocence and make his everlasting gloominess a little better. Who knows!

Tell me what you people think.
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Sounds awesome. :)
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