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Today, I published a new version of my website that's designed to be super retro while capturing the fun, weird cringe aesthetic of my furry brand and how I'm open about being squeaky, crinkly weirdo with no regrets. What I'm trying to say is that I made it as goofy and cringe as possible, for fun.

The site states the folllwing on the front page, but I figured I might as well state it here as well for posterity's sake: if anyone gifts me ANY art of my sona Blum, be it normal, cringe, horrifying, offensive, heinously immoral...whatever, no matter how positive or negative it is, I will honor requests for me to post it to my InkBunny gallery, as long as it doesn't violate the site's policies.

My reasoning for this? I'm a troll at heart, and I love freaking people out with the strangest, most bizarre and cursed furry art I can find. I'm a VERY silly boy. So it seems appropriate for people to be allowed to use my character to flex their creativity, if they too like causing chaos with weird furry art. 😼
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Can a website be cute? Because it is!
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