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My Request Rules and Info

As I've said on my profile, I occasionally do requests from time to time when it is possible for me.  Now I'm eager to draw new furs and silly and/or sexual doodles, I just love to art! :3  But that does
not mean I like to draw everything.  Some stuff I won't draw because I just am not interested or
into that stuff, other things maybe.  If I'm not interested, I usually forget to work on said request or do terribly on it.  I'm not getting paid, so that also affects things.  If I decline
a request, please understand.

To request me, just wait til I have a journal up saying I'm taking requests, and send me a message stating what you want in the request.  If you just say "draw me nekkid", I'm gonna have a lot of fun playing with that character |3 (just sayin).  So make sure you tell me what you want. :3  Don't be super super descriptive though xD And don't worry about backgrounds; I don't really have a knack for doing them unless its some simple gradient thingy.

I made a couple lists of what I can, and don't, draw.  

Things I know I can draw:
Vore (all kinds but I won't draw death or digestion scenes)
Light Bondage
Threesomes/Orgies (max of 5 people if it's a request)


Things I won't draw:
Nude females
Cubs in general (I don't hate them, but I just don't want to draw them sorry)
Death and Gore
Machinery (I really am terrible at drawing machines, cars, guns, etc.)

**If you are uncertain if what you want requested is something I will or won't draw, feel free to message me and I'll try to respond back with an answer. :)


If you request me and I accept the request, please do not pester me until it is done.  I will notify you of any questions I have and I will give WiP's and rough drafts of my progress to you.  Pestering me makes me feel its just work and I don't like feeling like I'm working.  I draw for fun~.

That about sums up requesting me.  If you have any questions, just message me. :P
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