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A small request in tagging

First off -- Yes, I know that IB is pretty much a pedophilia hotbed since FA officially banned cub porn.

Secondly -- I am not trolling.  I am not trying to start a fight.  I want everyone to get along... so if need we need to be in our own separate circles, then that's how should be.

Cub art is a really big pet peeve of mine.  Usually, when i see content I don't like, I can skip over it easily and find something else.  But in a site like IB where so much of the userbase is into cub porn, it can be very hard to ignore.

Cub artists, could you please do the rest of us non-cub fans a favor and PLEASE include the "cub" tag when you draw a character that would clearly be classified as shota/loli?

This request goes for everyone else, too.  There is no point in having a filtering system if people do not actively tag correctly.  I'm not asking for small OCD-style categorization like you might see on e621 (ex: chest_tuft, ♥, cum_on_face) but rather large thematic, OBVIOUS tags (ex: cub, incest, muscle, submissive)

I don't care if you have to add "cub" every single time you post.  It literally takes one second to include.  Even if you are known completely as a cub artist, I still do not want to see cub art if it is a blocked tag on my account.  I'm doing the same -- I try to tag my art as well as I can, so if for some reason a visitor does not like, say, tentacles or pregnancy, they will not see it in my gallery.

If i am given the ability to filter out content I don't like, then I damn well should not have to sort through accounts manually.  You be happy in your circles; I'll be happy in mine.
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Added: 8 years, 2 months ago
8 years, 2 months ago
We recently changed our policy for tagging to make it compulsory. The user interface has also been changed to help suggest the kinds of keywords that should be entered (only shows when first adding keywords). https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=4113

Community tagging will be the next change in that area, allowing users to contribute tags to images but allowing the artist to retain control over what tags are accepted or rejected.

If you find any particular artist to be "repeat offenders" you can easily block all work by that single artist. Just go to their account and use the Block link at the top-right (which is quite different to Ban).
8 years, 2 months ago
Please excuse my ignorance, then. I haven't been on the site much lately and I probably skipped a lot of changes :\

I did notice a block by keyword, as well as blocking submissions by an artist.  These are great inclusions, but I don't like using them since they don't solve the root of the problem (improper tagging).

My friend also posted a journal, specifically on viewer-based tagging and a tagging guideline, which might be of interest.
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