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New phone, and it kicks ass.

My good old HTC was playing up and finally getting on my nerves after a long period of being a relatively pleasant product to operate. Though an old phone, I found none of the complaints others reported, and I have to confess I actually liked good old Windows Mobile 6.5. It was simple, easy to work with and, though it wasn't very customizable, it did a lot of the things I really wanted it to do without needing much work.

Now I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, which is a bit of a jump for me. I'm completely clueless about Android, though I'm already enjoying the process of learning the ropes. Hardware wise, there's very, very little to complain about on the S3. I don't know if it quite lives up to the hype, but so far I've experienced zero problems aside from trouble navigating the OS - because I'm an Android n00b.

Comparing Android, iOS and WinMo7 (or whatever they're calling it now) isn't easy, and I'm certainly not educated to say one way or another which is better, but I will admit that Windows Mobile 6 was very simple and easy to understand for anyone familiar with the Windows OS for PC. It also had everything without needing to worry about bloatware, such as how my Samsung has four navigation programs not counting Google Maps/Earth or having to look at condescending app descriptions on Google Play or whatnot.

An IM app actually gave me pause because it redundantly pointed out it was using "your phone's data allowance, not incurring call charges or working through SMS". As if that was a concern. I had to scroll up and double-check I clicked on the right thing; no shit it uses my data allowance, guys. It would be something else entirely, or just a moronic design if it didn't.
I dunno why, that just bothered me.

Ahem, anyway. Because the phone is Android, and because developers try to avoid Windows Mobile/Phone as if it's a plague infected rapist, I now have access to neat shit I didn't have before. So, I have Skype and Ventrilo (Ventriloid) now, which might prove useful sometime in the future, those few of you I voice-chat with. It's a pity the Steam app doesn't let you use voice, but there we go.

This means I get to voice chat while at work using a hands-free set and still do my job perfectly. Woo! One of the perks of my job is that I can do that; I won't answer calls at work without a hands-free set of some kind, but when that's available, sure, it doesn't impinge me in any way.

I'm certainly no expert, despite doing a little bit of homework before settling on a new-release phone, but I quite like this thing. The Samsung S3 can do just about whatever you need, and mine was preloaded with plenty of Google+ nonsense and synchronization capability with my Google account, which I won't use but someone might find appealing.

I'm sorry guys, I just don't like the idea of my personal daily organizer being online, for example, and given so many people want me to have a Facebook, I can't justify making a Google+ account thing. I have a huge amount of respect for Google and I do use a lot of their services, but they aren't the sole provider of everything I use on the internet and won't ever be. Hail Mozilla and their panda cubs of awesomeness!
So that's one downside to buying an Android phone I guess; they really do shove quite a few Google services in your face - and the sheer number of these redundant services is ridiculous. Once I had logged in to my Google account, I discovered it had automatically made the device's organizer synchronize with the web account; without asking me. This might get on some users' nerves.

Chill out, Google. We don't need to get married yet. I don't use data clouds and crap like that, forgive me, I'm old fashioned and security conscious.

Seriously though, great phone. I would've got it earlier, but of course they sold out on the first day of release. However, I was lucky enough to get one ordered in.

Just in time too: the phone call from the store telling me my S3 was in... well, my old HTC crashed after receiving it. It crashed and died after receiving the phone call telling me the replacement was in; I think it was in denial.
Three days before, it was corrupted by downloading not just an official app, but THE official app that my service provider used as a main selling point for the phone when I bought it. I mean, that's pretty bad. So I had to wipe it and I lost everything aside from what was on the SIM and SD cards. Then the SIM card was disabled, so now I've lost all those numbers too. Ffffff-!!

I think it's safe to say I replaced it at the right time. Thank you, HTC Snap. You were unreliable at times but still the best phone I'd had until this monster of a Samsung. Rest in pieces. Uh! I mean peace!
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Added: 6 years, 8 months ago
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