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Scrambled eggs...

You ever have them?  I mean, -real- scrambled eggs?  So good...

See, I had been doing it wrong my whole life; I was jamming eggs and milk together in a bowl, the pouring it into a hot pan and basically treating it like a crappy omelet that I hacked into pieces with the spatula by the end.  That's the wrong way to do it, and I never knew...

See, what you do to make REAL, unbelievably delicious scrambled eggs is to grab a saucepan, crack three eggs into it and add a knob of butter, maybe about a tablespoon's worth or so.  Medium-high heat, and stir with one of those soft silicon spatula thingies.  And KEEP stirring with it.  No salt, pepper or milk or anything yet; just eggs and the butter.  

As the pan gets hotter, you keep stirring but occasionally pull the pan off the heat, stir for a bit as it cool, then back on.  STIR STIR STIR.  Keep stirring, bitch!  On the heat for a minute or so, off the heat for a couple of seconds, then back on.  Keep going until the egg mixture is just starting to have a gel-like consistency, then add a bit of milk, or preferably heavy cream or even creme fraiche, and KEEP STIRRING.
When the mixture pulls off the metal as you stir, take it off the heat and stir a bit more, adding some salt and pepper.

The end result should be a wonderful, creamy-textured dish that will make you never eat them the old way again...

Stirring is the key.

So good...
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
This sounds tooooo good. I'm a have't try it. :D
7 years ago
Gordon Ramsey taught me that!
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