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Group tumblr

I'm debating on starting a group tumblr project....

or to be more procise:

And Adventure Game tumblr that has multiple artists working on it.

The idea is a bisic adventure game where people submit actions for the "player" pony to do. However as I'm limited on my art capability myself and many have their own tumblrs, the actual carring out of the action will be delegated to whoever has the time for that weeks post.

To make it easy the blog will update once a week, with about 3-4 panals of story. Or one or two panels if there is alot going on in the scene at that moment.

As said this is to make it easy on the artists who have other comitments.

The actual blog itself will be about a Ceffyl-Dwr pony who awakens on the edge of The Everfree Forest, with no memory or even sense of self. The gender of the pony will be genderless untill confronted on it in which veiwers will get to decide what gender this pony is, even mixed.

Color however is very simple. Look at a Hooded Crow and apply that pattern and color skeem to the pony.

Bit about Ceffyl-Dwr: The apearence of these ponies is based on what little reference I've found. For the most part they naturaly look like wet pegasus. except their wings are somewhat bigger and more water bird like. They all have red eyes which do glow with magic, and upper and lower canines that are shaped similar to shark teeth. Ceffyl-Dwr are vegitarean for the most part but they do like to eat a fish or two a day and will feel weak if they havn't eaten some fish in a few days (why, havn't figured out yet). Also they have some magic ability, however it is wild magic and tends to be very random in strength and effectiveness. When using this magic their eyes will glow brighter and a magical glow will apear about where a unicorns horn would be. However they have two rounded small horn on the top back of their head but are usualy hidden in the mane.

Ceffyl-Dwr can hold their breath for a long time and are mixed in their love of air and water being equaly at home in both. Though not on the level of a pegasus in the air or a water horse in the water.

weather or not this project comes to fruition I don't care XP I have several of my own characters who are full or partial Ceffyl-Dwr so it's not going away any times soon.
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