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569 YouTube Subscriber Milestone.

I've reached 569 subscribers on YouTube and did a Q&A video about it.


In this video, I mention that I privated a few old videos. Those videos are listed below, as well as the rationale for privating each. I am directing people to this journal post if they are interested to learn about this from other platforms, as this is a reliable place to store some text.

I have no desire to suppress the existence of these videos but I also no longer wish to attribute my name to them. So you will find them here.

1. The "Furry Chatroom Autism" series. [1]   [2]   [3]
These videos contained a small amount of factual inaccuracies (I mis-attributed the ownership of a Telegram account to a zoophile named Jayse due to near-identical icon usage). The beginning narrative of these videos was also ironic and a lot of people seemed confused by this. It was meant to be meta-humor about how the "Furries Exposed" callout group mislabels people as pedophiles constantly (for something as simple as being in ABDL) by applying that same standard to their own members. I don't think being ABDL makes you a pedo (far from it) and I don't even think looking at cub makes you a pedo either (though that isn't my thing).

But yeah, a lot of people didn't "get" my irony and took my words literally so I wanted to de-list these so that people don't think that I'm a hypocrite based on them mis-interpreting the humor that I went for. That said, Tybalt and the Furries Exposed crowd are worthy of a lot of criticism and I'll be delivering that proper at some point in the future.

2. September 2020 Update
I don't really want to keep update videos permanently on the channel after the period they're relevant in passes. I think it junks up the video catalogue.

3. Videos About Prior Homelessness in Early 2020. [1]   [2]
While I felt it was an important to get off my chest at the time, I don't want to worry people by making them think that I'm still in that vulnerable position. It's also...really embarrassing and something I'd rather put behind me. I think that's understandable.

4. Furry Cringe Review
This was an attempt at a series that didn't go over too well. The watch time on it is abhorrent. It wasn't edited super well and the content within is way too strong-shock wise. I aim to replace it with something better soon.

5. "The 'Left Wing' Pedo Problem" and "Another Furry Raider Arrested".
In here, I make statements about various people connected to the Furry Raiders without a lot of...hard evidence? In the early days of my channel I had this bad habit of taking what I read on documentation sites at face value. Don't take this as me admitting that the claims I made are necessairily false btw, I just realize now I didn't really scrutinize the information enough, and I haven't done the research needed to say one way or another if they are true or not. So I may do better researched stuff on some of these individuals in the future, we'll see.
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