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List of beautiful boys

I'm no artist but I know a cute boy when I see one. This are a list of boys who I consider to be a fappable character. They are so cute I actually degenerate my human existence to day dream this perfectly made boys. Females are ewww!


     - By far the cutest of the characters and unique. It's stated in his reference sheet that his gender is hermaphrodite. In science, hermaphrodites are males that eventually turn into females when impregnated but in general, herms are just pregnant males. Me and my husband wish everyday that one of us gets pregnant and Read is the personifaction of every gays dream, our dream.


    - I really like this boy, he is just made perfectly cute, the pattern of his colors and his skinny body is perfect. This boy pass my standard because of his hornyness with other boys. Why this boy is my 2nd choice?  Well, he is a boy, if he is hermaphrodite like Read, then both of them are probably my first choice. Whenever I masturbate, I mostly daydream about this two.


    - I really like this boy too, he's just perfectly cute like Pizza pup, the pattern of his colors and his skinny body is perfect. This boy pass my standard because of his hornyness towards boys. Why this boy is my 3rd choice?  Kiba's older version is somewhat masculine and I usually don't like hunky men. I prefer skinny men.


    - I consider Joshy as a cute and sexy femboy compare to his older brother kibaru. He's hornyness towards males is what makes him very attractive, he's the one who said females are eww! And I definitly agree on that.


    - this one is different, he's a noodle or hotdog body type of character. The reason I picked him is because he is a combination of an otter and a raccoon. He does not have a highlight picture though and that is why he is not exposed to the world like most of the characters do. No referrence sheet, no solo art. He's like an extra character but I have to praise the artist for making such a cute and sexy boy.


    - This is a femboy quality, he looks like a girl. One of the good thing about this boy is that he has a big and juicy dick. The reason why he's on the 3rd place is because he's a pure male but he's cute I guarantee that.


   - A yellow dog with a cute face. I placed him on the 7th place is because I'm confused of what he really looks like. Some art has two tails and some has one. Some has extra layers of head hair and some has not. It seems like the owner is confused on what his character actually looks like thus making his viewers confused as well. In my opinion, one tail and less hair is the sexy version of him, I could care less about the other version. I like his simple version and that's why he's here.


    - Dotted characters are usually not my type but except for this, even though he is a dalmatian breed of dog, one thing I like about this boy is that, he only has 2 types of colors in which it is not painful to the eyes and that skinny body, I still consider him cute and sexy matching his black spots with white fur. I rarely daydream about him though.

8. @MarvelStudios
Roulette Spin
    - This is a copyright of Marvel universe, the child of Rocket Raccoon and Black Jack. This character was born in a laboratory with Rocket and Black Jacks D.N.A. Even though both characters are males, Roulette was implanted inside Rockets body thus making Rocket pregnant. Black Jack and Rocket are both mortal enemies but they came to an agreement to stop fighting for the sake of their child. From enemies to lovers. I was not expecting a gay story on Marvel universe but yeah, Roulette is Rocket and Blacks son.
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11 months, 1 week ago
Yeah this is a good list. Girls are eww. I like dick and male ass alone XD
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