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Blog Update


I actually did these a few weeks ago that was basically just a silly idea to kill some boredom. I only just remembered to post em on my blog the other day.

Started by me thinking "what if these hentai anime were uncensored" and so I took a few screengrabs of various scenes from four random ones I have that I re-watch from time to time to be inspired by as it were lol.   My goal was to simply redraw the parts that the japanese government doesn't want people to see and I think I did an ok job.  

The original scene is at the top of each pic with my edits below.  I dunno about you guys but it sure does as always make me think "man why on earth does Japan still have that dumb law".   Oh I know the answer but that doesn't stop it from remaining one of the dumbest things ever.

I would even go as far as to say the reason Japan has always created so much porn is because of said law, its almost like its been decades of mass compensation.  "they wont let us look at naughty things so we're going to create the naughtiest things EVER gosh darn it!" Quite ironic if that were the case.

Anyway here's the details for those of if you're interested in tracking down the sources of these, I certainly recommend all of them:

Scene 1, from Himekishi Lilia: episode 3.  

Scene 2, from Kanojo X Kanojo: episode 1.

Scene 3, from Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru

Scene 4, from Viper RSR, which is technically a video game but the animated scenes and gifs of said scenes have been floating around the net forever along with the billion other Viper games that were made.  Google Sogna (the creators who went out of business years ago sadly) and Viper and you'll find em all in some form or another.

Fun fact!: Takahiro Kimura was the lead character artist and animator on the Viper games, he's worked on such anime as Godannar, Gun X Sword, Code Geass, GaoGaiGar, Big O, Bastard, Dirty Pair, Golden Boy, Girls Bravo, Lupin the Third, Kiddy Grade, Macross, Naruto, Gundam, Jin-Roh, Wolf's Rain and well a lot more.  

His animation style is a bit trickier to notice but you'll certainly know when he's the one in charge of character design, like me he's a fan of curves and exaggerated figures/proportions.  

So I'm a huge Kimura fan if you couldn't tell.  My art style I would say is somewhere between 50 and 70% a ripoff of his most of the time haha.  
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
Great job with the uncensoring :D
6 years, 9 months ago
Really. Here I really think of something like: How about trying to decensor a complete movie like Pico X chico? Fan-uncensored. The new thing after Fan-subbed.
6 years, 9 months ago
You do realize that it's actually impossible to do that right?  Never mind the many legal issues that would prevent anyone from doing such a thing without having their site shutdown, the actual amount of time and work that would be required to do those kinds of edits is astronomical.    These four frames alone (keeping in mind a typical 30 min hentai has thousands) took me a good number of hours to do, and I was working at a much lower resolution than the original videos are released in too.

The vastly more likely situation is that the creators get the publishing rights to release an uncensored version outside japan, which given the rarity of that occurence must be quite expensive.  What needs to happen, and could actually work just fine is if said company were willing to have streamed online versions of their work accessable for a fee, thus minimizing the costs of dubbing, packaging, distribution etc down to mere server filehost costs.

Unfortunately though japan in terms of modern business, especially in regards to the internet still exists very much in the stone age and so the idea of a Japanese company hosting a website specifically for foreign customers to access superior versions of their products on servers located outside their country, well, it can't happen. At least not until the people running their companies realize that such a possibility exists and is well worth investing in to.   Imo it would give Japans economy a massive boost, it would give hentai creators vastly more motivation to create higher quality content and the industry itself would be more successful.

But it's Japan, and they don't "get" these kinds of things still, so if something like that ever happens it'll be a while.
6 years, 9 months ago
Reminds me of a Vid I once saw. The western (uncensored?) and raw (censored?) version. Why I wrote uncensored and centored with ?. Well... in the western version a scene was missing (boy had sex with a girl) while still there was no censor-pixels in the movie. I think we all quite now how actually truly perverted some movies are, if we see the raw versions of it, where you see everything (if you forget the pixels) For that, the pixels are just for the asian countries. So there is a code they send to the western countries to use to uncensor the movies so they just need to add their sub-text or re-dub it. I really doubt that once they have the movie they spend weeks or months to uncensor every single bit by hand. So it is just to find out which is the code to uncensor in the movies. ;) And as far I remember, there are no product rights in China and japan I believe. Well, at least not in China. (Don't forget where all those crappy cheap copies of items come from.)
6 years, 9 months ago
Nah theirs no code system, the censorship is part of the core video files it isn't some feature applied digitally that can merely be turned off, its part of the animation itself.  In order to get an uncensored version of any hentai the creators have to re-edit a separate version with their blurs turned off and recreate new versions of the video files.

Its no different to how I need to alter my photoshop files in order to produce two versions of the same drawing.
6 years, 9 months ago
the other idea I had would be they make a censored and a decensored version. The censored they keep themself and the not-censored they send to the foreign countries. So they only need to remove the stuff they don't want.
6 years, 9 months ago
Mhm but theirs not much money to be made form hentai since piracy is so rampant atm so very few companies can afford to do so.  Oh man would it be great if it weren't the case.
6 years, 9 months ago
There are hentai's that are uncensored. But you did a good job of uncensoring.

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