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Comet is a real B*tch.

In the ring that is. Seriously this has got to be the most violent character i've ever made... and yet he/she is not the dominant one in bed. Though comet in bed can best be described as being locked in a cage with a very angry lion who is getting off on your attempts to control it more then the rutting itself. Yes, while he/she will never actually flip the tables, Comet will get as close as he/she can... but if you can't handle it, your out on your flank regardless of the time of night or place.

And while Comet may look like a twig of a pony... he/she can cause some major damage and throw around stallions many times her size with ease when angered... and failing to meet his/her needs in bed is a sure fire way to tick Comet off. The most amazing part of this, he/she does it all without using their magic (which to be honest comet isn't very good with magic, even simple levitation is troublesome and annoying)

Now what amazes me most is how much I'm coming to love and even bond with Comet, despite how different I really am from him/her... though we do share that little gender identity issue.

Now I know many will say "But can't Comet just change to a female with a gender spell?". Well yes and no... you see, as Comet is only 1/2 of the same being, in order for the spell to work both halves would have to be changed at the same time by the exact same spell or it will fail. Now unless the castor can manage to manifest the non-present side then cast the spell simultaneously on both... it won't work.

This is also why Comet has anger issues... "She" dosn't like being called a he... and becomes very agressive when someone does or points out "her" physical gender. Comet's other half is the opposit...'she" becomes very fearfull and prone to bolting when "she" is outed. However don't missunderstand, Comet's other half is just as strong, only not as likely to use "her" strength unless it's to protect "herself" or someone "she" cares about deeply... while when defending herself she'sll use only enough strength to walk, or at least limp away from the fight. However if someone either side cares about is being hurt all hell will break loose.
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