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I suck as lyrics

I used to be real good at lyrics, but I'm way out of practice. So I'm looking for some insperation.

The songs are to be the themes for two characters from the Sweeney Belle tumblrs.

The first is Sweetie Belle herself (who dosn't have an actual theme song that I can find) which I'm taking a dark pained tone to.

Sweetie Belle's Theme: Broken Song
(a play on how singing is her special talent, as the show hinted at a few times)

Wind Streamer: The Edge of Space
(Inspired by my love of the SR-71 Blackbird which was the insperation for her special talent... to fly higher, faster, and further then any other pony... and her dream to reach the edge of space itself.)

More notes on Wind Streamer: Wind Streamer is a Ceffyl-Dwr... It's a mythical creature best discribed as a flying water horse, I've worked them based on information so their like the duck version of a pegasus... and they do eat fish but their diet is mostly vegitarian) She was born with wings but the blog takes place a few months after she looses them in a rescue attempt. When she still had them she liked to try and fly as high and as fast as she could. However she dosn't seem to catch on that she can outfly pretty much everything else in speed, hight, and sheer distance without stopping.

About as far as I got into the design of Wind Streamer is her red eyes, her unique species teeth, and a white strip down the middle of her mane and tail (for which she got her name) the color... I'm contemplating on changing from the blue tones to a different color tone.
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