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Sonic Hentai RPG Game in the works!

Greetings, everyone. I've made my welcoming journal, stating how glad I was to be here. It already seems much better than that FurAffinity place, considering how I'd said that I was a sonic / sonic hentai artist, and the first thing people did was start a flamewar with me there. ._.

I'd like to say thanks for being a better community than them.

Second of all, I'd like to say that I'm in the process of making two games at the moment.

One is a solo project, which is an RPG game based off the old Doom game from '93. I've got over 100 maps made fer it, and several enemies and such. I'm good with that for the moment. xD

The second project, however, is a most enduring one. It's a group project I'm working on with some other friends of mine. One that deals with Sonic Hentai.

It's another RPG, but we're trying to include small Sonic Adventure-like parts in it. It has both OCs and Canon characters, from the games and Arche comic series.

Sadly, we don't have enough artists nor spriters for the team.

Since this is a free game project and such (We're not looking for a profit, this is just for fun xD), we were wondering if there were any fellow Sonic artists or good spriters out there to help us with the game? = )

It'd be very much appreciated.


Game info:

Engine: RPG Maker XP
Playable Characters : 6, 4 Female, 2 Male
Quests per Character: 20
Weapons per Character: 5

Game will play kinda like Sonic Adventure, in the sense that each character has their own unique story and goal to accomplish. All these stories lead to a final story accomplishable after the game has been beaten using all 6 chars.


For those wanting to know more, or get involved in this project, PM me or reply here! :D
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