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regarding the aogami situation

i mean,

honestly, it's just not ideal. you can catch up here, or, specifically, this tweet UPDATE: tweet deleted, screenshot mirror the tweet was made by this user / archive.is mirror, who has since made a followup tweet / archive.is mirror - that is, if you haven't seen it already, i'm sure the news will spread pretty far and wide over the next day or so. they're one of the most viewed/watched inkbunny accounts, if not the most, so it's not what i'd consider a small thing or something to be ignored.

i respect his right to do whatever he wants with his art, i've never really interacted with aogami much but his animations were cool. all i can say is, you know, keep drawing, at the very least, even if it doesn't get posted as much or doesn't get posted as publicly.

as for if/how this affects me, it doesn't, at least not directly. it probably will affect inkbunny as a whole in terms of site traffic, but it's not really the end of the world - if a site can't survive without one user posting publicly, then it's already too late to diversify.

personally, i just always want to make good art. it sounds stupid, but i know the reason i exist is to make art and challenge myself creatively. everything else is just a nuisance - not so much an obstacle to overcome. the obstacles i face/choose to face are more art/skill related than 'cancel culture' related - that sort of thing is more just white noise.

the only thing i can ask of the art appreciation/consumption community is let's skip the whole doxxing/threatening/whining of anyone involved, with this or in general - do i agree with the people on twitter? no, obviously, they're upset over a fucking drawing. are they worth energy getting mad over? no, obviously, they're upset over a fucking drawing. personally i'm not even the biggest fan of aogamis art, that doesn't mean i think they should have to hide it away - i want them to be able to post whatever they want.

the only thing you can really do is exercise your freedom of speech and creativity and post more art. i don't care if it's bad and you have 5 watchers, just create stuff and post it. hell if you're just getting started, PM me, if i like your art, i might promo your account and get you a couple hundred new watchers.. i need more people to watch anyways.

so, in conclusion, if there's any takeaways from this; i like drawing porn, everyone should be drawing more porn.


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Added: 4 months ago
4 months ago
Oof, twitter is some shit, i've been using it for a couple months now and I think i'd describe it as a melting pot, but everyone brought so many different flavors to the pot that its gone sour
Im planning on signing up for NewTumbl, which is basically tumblr but it allows porn, gonna maybe start up an ask blog uwu
4 months ago
Yeah, I mean I honestly don't think this will change anything. If anything hiding his art away will just make those losers think they "won," which can't ever be good.
4 months ago
Well, some artists have gotten harassed by these crowds to the point of being hospitalized or committing suicide. They'll try to dox you, to dox your family, to complain to your employer, to file police reports on you (in the US these rarely amount in anything, but no one wants the police knocking on your door to ask questions about "obscene content.") So while it's nice to stand up for yourself, you have to be okay with risking you or your loved ones being in harm's way.
4 months ago
It happened to me personally and I was sick all day, wanting to kill myself (it was pretty bad and I was "blamed" for a lot of stuff). Fortunately I remembered that I've done nothing wrong. These types of people want nothing but to make you feel bad for liking something different. And it's starting to have a dire effect on the internet as a whole.
4 months ago
Wow, keep up the porn man!
4 months ago
It certainly keeps the mind from over crowding...  But it will be always someone will find an 'issue'... I certain wish I could draw way better and fluidly and write effectively...  But yea draw/write more world...
4 months ago
Omg theres always one person to try and find something wrong with something. I like both you guys art and I am working on mind although its hard trying to balance school and work with such things. But anyway art is someones expression and the fact that an artist can share a piece of themselves with others is something really beautiful to me.
4 months ago
Honestly, I don't care about what anyone on the internet says, and that includes you. Don't take offense, I just genuinely don't care. But then, neither should you.

If nobody gave a shit about what the words of all the strangers on the internet, the toxic environment would disappear. This would have been one person having a tiff by themselves if people would just stop rubbernecking their way through life. That shit got nothing to do with any of y'all and yet everybody knows about it. But fuck, if people weren't snooping all over the fucking internet like gossip was precious oxygen to them, Aogami never would have even heard about that shit on Twitter. IT would've died as soon as people had something better to do than find out their friends' bathroom schedule from their live feed.
4 months ago
people think that fiction may mean that people like to do in Real life what they draw... so weird, cause in that logic, people making horror movies, or Super violent action scenes, enjoy murdering people in real life... XD silly people, but sadly they also make too much noice, and it is what call atention to media and all those who control the social networks... XP
4 months ago
I mentioned this on Aogami's journal, but yes, Twitter and its community is a toxic dump. It's turned into a place where one person can rally a small crowd into a digital riot and wreck havok on peoples' lives; and not just famous people either, but potentially anybody with a computer or smartphone, which today is basically everyone...
It's a social bomb, and everyone has a detonator... It's insane.
Twitter needs to do something about its cancel culture. It's ruining lives! I'm not saying that censorship is the answer, fuck that! But some sort of moderation needs to be put in place for these massive rumour mills and viral messages... or the next Pizzagate might be a bigger tragedy than Hillary's 2016 campaign.
4 months ago
do... do people even understand the difference between fantasy and reality?
4 months ago
These morons live in a fantasy world, hence their reaction to fantasy content.
4 months ago
I really wish more cub artists would outright say that they don't like or approve of CP, because I'm sure 99% of them don't
I mean, it's not like it's an unpopular opinion or anything
4 months ago
I just gonna say this and I know some people will need to hear this. But a group of people, who I never heard of and never will meet in real life; will never have any power over me. They can call me the worst things in life and threaten me all they want but I will live my life and be who I am. I hope the situation deescalate.
4 months ago
please draw his cub pig being fucked and say he commissioned it a year ago looooool then you can show him how Media shaming can work 2 ways xD
3 months, 4 weeks ago
4 months ago
The best reply to that Shitter thread:
4 months ago
Oh boy I have been seeing that retard vlog so many times. Id take it as a joke. All they do, since they have no job obviously, is shitpost and "expose". Ive been "exposed" by them too. Its funny how they think it hurts. I absolutely don't support pedophilia in anyway but if you draw cub or some shit, oh fucking well. Would rather see cub art then see some REAL MAN fuck a REAL CHILD, id put a bullet in their head so fast.

Let them fucking draw whatever they want, furries are absolutely disgusting but here we are. Unbothered. I love seeing them struggle.

Aogami keep on doodlin. That SJW has literally ZERO power. And remember, since they are a furry too, they are a zoophiliac ;3  (Thats how it works remember guys.....guys?) Imbecile.
4 months ago
More twitter vomit... Social media is a bit much sometimes. It's a very powerful tool, or weapon, depending on the situation.
4 months ago
" they're upset over a fucking drawing
I completely agree  xD

" i like drawing porn, everyone should be drawing more porn.
  pretty well said!
4 months ago
We cannot force that SJW to listen to reason. We can only hope that they will grow past their infantile delusions of right and wrong.

To be united by hatred, is a fragile alliance at best. Direct action is not always the best way. It is a far greater victory to make another see through your eyes than to close theirs forever. =w=
4 months ago
Just like some people, if they don't like it or get triggered by it suddenly no one else can like it. I can't stand people like that
4 months ago
tweet was delete
3 months, 4 weeks ago
Lol, tweet achieved what it was meant for apparently, cuz they deleted it!
...or aogamis fans ripped him a new asshole...
honestly I prefer the second one 😁
3 months, 4 weeks ago
I personally agree with QueerSwine to an extent.
No one sees InkBunny as a furry site, they all see it as a child porn site because frankly that's what it has become.
Now I'm no saint, I enjoy art with some characters that are viewed as underage. Guilemon and Spyro being a good examples of that.
Does that make me a pedophile? In my opinion no because I feel comfortable enough in my own sexuality that its not the fact that they are young that give them an appeal to me, seeing how I have plenty of other characters that appeal to me which are not underage.

However, what people never do is actually look around and consider "What kind of people surounds me?" and I think that this:
" Bloodhawk wrote:
please draw his cub pig being fucked and say he commissioned it a year ago looooool then you can show him how Media shaming can work 2 ways xD

Makes a shining example that there are some fucking brainlet retards among us with inexcusable behaviour.
Let's face it, we're not straight up child diddling pedophiles but we'd be really fucking dense if we didn't admit there were actual pedophiles hiding in our midst. Things like loli and cub have become the escape crowds for pedophiles to hide in and unless we make a valiant effort to actually rat out these scum for what they are then I don't see how we can be offended when people just see us as a crowd of child molesters.

Eka's portal has a similar issue because there's people asking for children getting fucked by animals and people drawing actual child actors naked and in porn
And the site makes no effort in distancing itself from these actual predators.
And therefor I don't think sites like that have any justifiable defense if pointed out as a pedophile haven. And neither its users because they aren't calling for these people to be suspended or removed.
3 months, 3 weeks ago
You said it yourself, yo, not worth getting upset over those fools. Totally with ya on making more porn. Gonna fund it 'til the day I die~
2 months, 4 weeks ago
So that guy is no longer posting adult loli stuff, is that whats this about?
2 months, 2 weeks ago
SJW furfag is upset about something, tell me something new.
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