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complete randomness

Ok... I decided to write that completely randomly cause I guess I have nothing else to do... I decided to watch the full chipmunk trilogy (not counting the cartoons that came out like... a long time ago) as it seems like it's just so famous in the furry world (well, it's not because of that that I'm going to start watch my little pony or bambi, but yeah...) and it's actually funny. I just can't believe it still makes you laugh, even though when we all know the film industry makes sure to use all kind of different humor so everybody laughs... I'm going to watch the second opus in a few. I heard it's the best so yeah, I guess I'll see.
BTW, I always admired how ants work. We have had an ant invasion every spring/summer here (because when you attack the Empire, the Empire counter attack! [insert evil laugh with lightning sounds in the back and flashes of red light]). It just seems like they are so much more organized than everything else we can find. Even the humans, who should have the best organization, are messier than ants. I don't thin kit means we should start making big piles of dirt and live in them, but that we should maybe start taking example on how animals are reacting in front of different issues. Obviously, saying that to the furry community is maybe not the best idea (I've noticed people from the fandom tend to be more aware of these things... never got why ;P ), but it's just these random things I think about all the time, because I do think about a ton of things all the time.

So yeah, sorry again for disturbing you with this really random journal >.>
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