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Commissions Open

Commissions are officially open again. :3
Please read through the journal BEFORE PMing me about a commission.

Also for anyone that didn't see the pic. For the next two months, that's May and June, anyone who commissions me to color a pic by
will get 10% off =D


" 1. Inked Drawing $15.00 Per Character (this may be increased if a character is excessively complex)
" 2. Coloring $30.00 For the first character, plus $25.00 for each additional character. (Coloring does NOT include the inking price.)
" 3. Background and other details will be negotiated through PMs

How commissions work:

" 1. Send me a PM giving a description of what you'd like, complete with character refs, background refs, pose refs etc. Anything you can give. The more detail the better. Note that if you don't give a detail about something I'll consider that a 'free reign' area. So if you don't specify a pose, I'll do what I feel is best.
" 2 a. If you've given me all the details I need I'll send you a price and a list of potential dates and times.
2 b. If you didn't give me enough details, I'll request further details and/or make suggestions for the pic.
" 3. Once the price, date and time have been set, I'll send you my Paypal info and you can send me payment. Payment is done in Canadian dollars. Time is set in Central Standard time.
" 4. On the date at the time specified I'll set up a livestream and draw/color the picture you requested. Livestreams can be public or private depending on your preferences =) these aren't timed streams, so no worries about me being distracted by the chat or anything like that. The pic will get done.

Rules for Commissioners:

" 1. I do commissions in stream because it allows the commissioner to ask for changes and make sure things are going the way they want. However this became a small issue last year because people began seriously abusing the shit out of it, to the point that I was doing a dozen or more changes on one pic, because they didn't provide the needed details.

So for this year, if it's not in the details, I'll be willing to make 3 changes. A 'change' is altering something that has already been sketched or drawn to something else that was not in the original description. For example, instead of being naked you want them fully clothed. Or instead of arms behind the back you want them playing a violin or something.

It's not a 'change' if it was written in the original description, and I drew something different. That's simply you correcting me which I'm more then happy to do.
" 2. I don't do naked girls, the vagoo is a mystery to me and I wouldn't do a good job XD
" 3. I have no problem with drawing 'cub' however my definition of cub is just cute. Any characters with an age that would consider them a minor I won't do. (obviously I'm talking about when in an adult situation. Clean stuff, I'll do whatever)

I do know that may seem like a weird line, but it's mine. If you don't like it tough shit.
" 4. In regards to coloring other peoples artwork. I'm more then willing to, however it HAS to be either a drawing you've done, or a commission you've bought. Not just a random lineart you grabbed from google.

Rules for Streams

" 1. NO MINORS. For the love of god. How you even find my streams is beyond me. But I do have adult content fairly often, so for the love of god stay away!
" 2. Be polite, I don't like telling people to shut the fuck up but I will if I need to.
" 3. Don't come fishing for free art, it won't happen.

If you've read all of this and have any questions feel free to ask =)
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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
Hmmm interesting
7 years, 2 months ago
I'm interesting in getting the Beachfox locker room orgy pic colored:

I'm free pretty much every weekday next week. After that, my schedule gets a lot busier and we'll have to hash something out.
7 years, 2 months ago
I'm free most days next week too ^ ^
Was this gonna be full shading or just flats?
7 years, 2 months ago
It was $100 for full shading, right? If so, then that's what I want.

How about Friday starting at noon eastern time?
7 years, 2 months ago
It would actually be closer to $155.00 for full shading >.<'
7 years, 2 months ago
For just flats it'll be $40.00
7 years, 2 months ago
OK, let's go with the flats for now and we'll see about doing shading some time down the road.

You said in the stream that noon eastern time is a good start time for you, so let's go with that.
7 years, 2 months ago
Awww, I hope you aren't too full next week, I have no money till then. Heh.
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