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So... Do we prefer Sonic as a dick?

OK KO was a fun little crossover for Sonic. I'll say that real quick. I liked it. But they gave Tails a nice little story in it so I guess that invalidates my opinion if you know how I love Tails. If it makes any difference, I enjoyed all the little references, too.

But my enjoyment dropped a tick when I watched this video discussion put out by Tails Channel. It was a discussion on whether Sonic's "ego" is a problem, apparently they got some comments or something where people thought Sonic was a bit of a jerk in the episode. I thought Sonic was just a reference-factory with no real personality of his own to speak of, but okay, I was interested to hear a discussion anyway.

Of course, there was none. Not really. It was just six people saying why those commenters are wrong, and Sonic is "supposed" to be an egotistical douche.

Uh... no, he's not.

Sonic's attitude may vary by incarnation, but one thing that is consistent across the better versions of the character is that he does in fact care about his friends and allies. He may pick on Antoine in SatAM, but it's little more than playful ribbing, it's not like the OVA's infamous "SHUT UP TAILS" line.

Oh, but of course, it's me bringing up that line, so anything I say about it is invalid. But it just so happens that the worst portrayals of Sonic abuse Tails the most, as he's the character who is convenient to abuse. He tells Tails to shut up while Tails is yelling for help... while the old owl's vehicle is going up in flames. Some damn "hero." And Sara has to flirt with him to get him to go on the actual adventure in the first place.

But the OVA Sonic is held up in the video as Tails Channel's shining example of what Sonic's supposed to be.

Meanwhile, I was enjoying how OK KO was similar to Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

THERE, Sonic's attitude was generally pitched towards Scratch, Grounder, Robotnik, and other bad guys and people who generally seemed to deserve it. If Sonic was ever wrong in how he treated someone, like teasing the sloths or Captain Rescue, he often found himself captured and ultimately needing their help; so, if he ever was arrogant, he'd have to reckon with that to some degree. This was a good, responsible show. Plus, it was funny.

I won't get into Sonic Boom because I've blocked it out and you won't get me to watch that dumpster fire again.

But then, there's Sonic X, which is Tails Channel's example of a Sonic that is "too soft." Or just, you know, Jason Griffith's Sonic in general. My favorite Sonic, by the way.
To me, the idea that Sonic has to be displaying his ego at all times is not only limiting to his character, it's damaging to him as a role model. No, he doesn't necessarily have to be "perfect," nor would I say Jason Griffith's Sonic even was perfect. He did get to display his snark on occasion, maybe not as often as some of us would like, but could you really imagine people being okay with Sonic talking smack to Cream the rabbit back when she was a thing? This was also the only show to use the non-hyper-feminist Amy Rose. Frankly, it's mean enough when Sonic just ditches her constantly. Did he really have to add a "Bitch, please" to his vocabulary? The fact was, there were simply less opportunities for Sonic to crack wise during Sonic X, with more focus being put on his friends during the show.

And as far as the games are concerned; game Sonic was honestly never "egotistical"...until Roger Craig Smith's Sonic started -surprise surprise- mistreating Tails. And even then, not sure I'd call him incredibly egotistical...just, sometimes a jerk. "Egotistical" was never part of game Sonic's character. (I mean, I'm sure you can list a dozen examples of game Sonic being just that, but he never acts that way through an entire game......except maybe Colors.)

But I don't know. I guess it's what fans actually prefer. They prefer when Sonic is just an egomaniac at all times even at the expense of his friends who don't necessarily deserve to be mistreated every moment they're onscreen with him... I mean, y'all loved Sonic Boom as a show, didn't ya?

Well, I haven't ranted in a while. Wanted to, but couldn't get the words flowing for a topic. There is so much bugging me, but I know no one really cares what I think.
Hmm, well if that's true... Stay tuned for why I think Disney Remakes should be allowed to happen and you should just stop being babies about it and let people see them if they want!  (maybe after I finally see the Lion King remake... if I ever get around to it...)

*braces to only get comments about Disney remakes and nothing about the actual topic* XD
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Added: 1 month, 1 week ago
1 month, 1 week ago
X3 tails taught ko the spindash I'm so proud of tails that he did that
1 month, 1 week ago
That was a cute scene ^^
1 month, 1 week ago
X3 yea
1 month, 1 week ago
Lots of nice points! Though, I will say, I got a kick out of the 'asshole Sonic' response options in Sonic Chronicles; The Dark Brotherhood X'DDDD

I also don't think that Sonic (mainline Sonic at least; he's been varying degrees of 'jerk' in other stuff as I've heard, with Sonic the Comic's [the british one] version apparently being a jerk, but a jerk with a good heart XD) is supposed to be a dick, but some snark, and attitude is supposed to be present, but not aimed at his friends XD
1 month, 1 week ago
Those choices in Chronicles were...interesting ^^; But I typically can't bring myself to be an asshole to Sonic's friends. (except maybe Amy :p )

I think everybody gets to be a jerk for at least one issue within the comics XD
It's like "Hmmm, how do we draw in readers? …. WE'LL HAVE SONIC FIGHT TAILS!!" - Archie comics
They just do whatever to generate "hype."

Unoffensive "snark" and "attitude" is a concept very hard for me to pin down, admittedly. I don't much even try to write Sonic that way ^^;  As I've often said, the basis for my Sonic is the Sonic X take on the character, and I've mostly stuck with that all these years.
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