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I hate my Mother

Well I was raised by my mother i know her warped sense of thinking for the most part but things turned from warped to outright fucking left field shit after I married my Wife. At first she thought my wife would be a gold digger well time has proven shes not We have had little physical contact other than me getting email and phone calls from her. every time though it seems like something new she needs to rub in my face say a trip she went on new things she bought or vehicle she will be getting even though she knew im at a point where I could hardly have food on the table for my family. Well she went majorly overboard this time.

She knew starting all the way back in late September that We were all going to come up for Christmas to her house to see her and other family i have in the area. There has been no problems at all till yesterday. I get a random Email from her saying I cannot have my Medical Service dog with me. she gave me 3 ways to handle this :

A - Leave the Dog with someone else to look after.

B - Lock the dog up in my parents unheated garage and let the dog go nuts with separation anxiety and tear stuff up.

C - Tie the dog up and leave it outside at all times when we are there.

Now I know that all cannot work and I refuse to do any of those things. Sephiroth is my Service dog he is goofy at times but he is a lifeline for me. Since I could not do as she wished I informed her I wont be there and she could ship several things that we had agreed on in November to me by UPS with them insured and marked for payment upon delivery so shes not out any of the money she brags that she has. far as I am concerned I will keep pushing to get said items as all im getting are excuses im pretty close to waiting till Christmas is over and going to a local lawyer and seeing what he can do as they are refusing to give my personal property back to me.

Frankly I hate to say it but I dont care if she rolled over and kicked the bucket ive made it known if she does im gonna piss on her grave.
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