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Commissions, Art Trades, and Requests

Figured I'd throw this together so the information is easily accessible for those who want it. A few quick notes;

1. All art will be done in my style. I will not copy another artists style for any sort of art.

2. I don't do deadlines. I don't accept 'rush fees'. Turn around time is usually less than a week, depending on how quickly we can communicate. If I'm going to take longer, I will let you know.

3. All art done for you may be reposted anywhere you like, so long as my signature is not removed and I am credited.

4. I do not stream. I have many reasons for this. Please don't ask.

5. I don't do story/writing commissions, trades, or requests. Art? Great! I don't feel comfortable writing for others.


Will NOT Draw : Gore, Death, Scat, Vomit

Just about everything else is on the table. If you happen to think of something and I don't feel comfortable drawing it, then I'll let you know and we'll work something out.

Private commissions (where you remain anonymous) are fine, but if I can't post it, I won't draw it.

You'll get a wip after the sketch, at which point you can request changes. Small changes/additions are fine, but a complete re-do will cost extra.

Once the line art is done, there will be MINIMAL changes only, and only once, so if there's something wrong, let me know the first time around. I will not make changes to the pose at this point.

Once I move onto colouring, I will NOT make any new changes to the line art.

Payment will be requested once the sketch is approved—I will ask for your paypal information at this point and send an invoice. I will not continue until payment has been completed.

I will only refund the amount equal to work not done. (If you commission flats, but I only finish the line art, you will get back the difference.) If you want a refund, let me know as soon as possible. I will add my email address below for such cases, as I will see an email long before I see a note.

Prices & TOS : [Updating, please be patient]

Art Trades

Same rules as commissions as far as will/will not.

These will typically be flat coloured images.

No more than two characters per drawing.

I'm almost always open for trades, and will trade with anyone, regardless of skill. I love collecting art from all sorts of artists, and this is not limited to images. If you prefer to write, I'd love to see what you can do!

I will not trade for images created in doll makers or coloured using free bases.

If you do not complete your half of the trade, you will be blacklisted. I will not trade with you again, I will not do a request for you. I understand that art takes time and people have lives—I'm patient, just let me know what's going on.


I will make a separate journal for requests soon, but general information can be found here as well.

Requests are taken through the request journal only and will be done at my discretion. If you send a note or leave a comment on my page asking for a request, you will be directed to the request journal.

Once it is posted, please read through the rules and respond with the appropriate information. I'll leave up a little guide detailing what it is I need from you.

They are not first come, first serve. Posting your information does not guarantee you will get art. Please do not message me asking when your request will be done. If I choose your idea, you will be notified when it's done. There will be no WIP and no changes.

Please have a reference sheet or proper drawing to use as a reference. I will not work off of written descriptions.

If you do not provide all required information, I will not consider your request.

Email; ghost_tag[at]live.com

I prefer using notes/private messages to communicate, but feel free to use the email if I don't respond within 24 hours.

Information may be changed or added as I think of it.
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Added: 1 week, 1 day ago
1 week, 1 day ago
So, I have a few characters that I've never had drawn. They're based off of plushies I have, so I can provide photos of them to base the markings/colorings on, but the body shape is different (anthro for the "real" characters, and feral for the plushies). Would this be okay for a possible request in the future. I know you're not open yet, I'm just adking for future reference so there are no suprises.
1 week, 1 day ago
Yeah, I could give that a go. =3 So long as it's a clear photo, that's perfectly fine.
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