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The first of a few: Part of why I've dissapeared

As I'm sure some of you have noticed, I've been more than a bit scarce as of late! Well, I assure you there have been reasons.

Unfortunately, my health is not what it used to be. The other unfortunate side to this is there is not yet a proper answer for why that is or what the source of the problem would be. As far as can be told, there's nothing truly damaging going on, but I have bouts of (often times intense) pain. If you've managed to see me at conventions over the last year, and I've seemed lethargic, or there was something wrong - this would be the root cause.

As such, activities and responsibilities I've had have been pushed aside in order to tolerate this, and in the more recent months, properly deal with these issues.

There is a drawing here: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=228649 - that expresses in picture what I have great difficulty expressing through words. Then again, that's why I draw, as opposed to write.

Art has been dead to me for a little while, just because of lack of time, stress, and the lot. An incident in the winter where a thought-to-be friend caused a huge stressful situation and single-handedly caused the worst possible environment for me dealing with said medical issues. As I was being forced to take action, however, the situation resolved itself (after taking a quick turn for the high-stress worse, correcting itself after showing him we caught him in his lies.) However, although art has not been flowing from my hands, that does not mean I wanted to give up on it. In fact, it is one of the only things that allows me to "keep it together" at points.

Regardless, I'll be contacting those who commissioned me and offering them a choice of a refund, or their art (plus a voucher for future works because of the time I've taken. It is my responsibility to inform my commissioners of any potential delays and problems, and on that front I failed miserably. )

As I get back into art, you will see a new medium from me: Digital art. I will be picking up (what is in essence a toy for the time being) a new tablet. I'm doing this to help encourage the production of art, start my exploration into animations, and attempting to get better at drawing in general.

Thanks for everyone's patience, and please wish me some luck in what will be a few weeks to potentially months more doctors visits.

- Patrick F.
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