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Dream expert needed (Your thaughts)

I dont remember most of my dream... but it was fucked up....

all I remember was..... four really dick munch kids (not really kids... more about my age) get off the bus, but dont pay for..... i think the bus ride or something like that..... I apologize to the driver and offer to pay for them. He thanks me warmly (well... I think it was.... the guy was cold and creepy... he had a grim reaper feel to him), and he declines my offer. When it is my turn to get off, I pay him and step off..... it was a few blocks down from my house where he dropped me off..... as I walk, I start noticing dogs... some standing up and glaring at me menacingly, some lying dead and even dismembered in the lawns.... as I walk, heading home, the dogs get bigger and scarier, the really dismembered ones are getting worse and worse.... some of the dogs start getting bigger than lions..... something about a border collie... I dont remember its significance, but I picked it up by its wrists, and its missing from the middle of its rib cage down. I drop it in horror and start running home, panicking bad............ As I turn and go, the dogs and corpses get worse and worse....... And, before i get home... IDK if it was a dinosaur or what... i think it was.... it was HUUUGE.... it falls down dead at my street... the second it hits the ground, every angry looking beast of a dog begins going ape shit
...then my little brother woke me up, getting out of bed >.<

...... I think things happened before the bus ride...... something about not being able to go to a party... talking to my friend devon (only it wasnt her! it was her.... in spirit... but it wasnt her body! it was a thicker and shorter girl with long blonde hair (devon is tall and scrawny with brown hair)....) we were walking and talking about something...... uhm..... something about a play or something........... but the theater thing was old and dusty and dark..... overall decaying........... I think I got out of there because I was scared...... oh! the reason I couldnt go to the party was because I saw the kid (not going to name him) that got me arrested and taken out of haverford there... I tried to avoid him so I wouldnt get in more trouble.... but I felt really depressed because I felt so alone...... like I was alienated....

in order of events, since i totally fucked things up, lol
it was theater, then walking through streets with not devon, then seeing the party, then the bus ride (idk what happened between walking and seeing a party and the bus... i think something did, but I really dont remember), then after the bus, the shit with the dogs..... then my little bro waking me up irl....

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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
Don't really know, sorry... But I think it could be just your conscience trying to make you notice a possible problem you think you can have made while talking in that bus.

But it's just my opinion, I don't know ANYTHING about dreams. >.>

BTW, at least you don't dream with punching your Physics teacher (my fav subject) before a time paradox occurs... believe, I've got to dream that.
6 years, 10 months ago
dreams are so weird >.<

ive had everything from nazi teletubies to orgies in a waterfall
and everything inbetween XD
6 years, 10 months ago
I really think dreams are just our conscience's way to troll us all xD
6 years, 10 months ago
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