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Ten Day Meme - D8, 9 and 10...

So I hit IB's anti-flooding wall. Fair enough, I guess five journals is a lot... besides, these ones are so small, they can be grouped together.

Day Eight: Three turn ons.

Oh, okay, now THIS one is gonna be fun. Though admittedly, I’ve never really though about it… not in detail. Hrm. Now, obviously there are things outside of superficial factors that “turn me on” (personality, scenarios, etc) but for the sake of keeping things interesting, I’m not going to inflict some pussy, “sensitive new-age guy” bullshit on you to try and impress people into thinking I’m some pseudo-enlightened twat-burger (HI BEN AFFLECK I HEAR YOU LIKE ASSERTIVE WOMEN). No, no way. Like I need to anyway, I mean, I write romantic/erotic novels. So here’s the shallow hotness that gets me the most steamy.

1. I gotta confess, I like blondes and generally “sunny” features. I personally hate my genes. God damn genes… Extra points for medium to long length hair, straight or wavy. Nice tans are good too. Fuckin' surfers.

2. A taut tummeh. Especially if you can make out the “Apollo’s Belt”, sometimes called the “V” or “wings”. Doesn’t need to be a six-pack packing pack of bulging muscle (which would obviously be a bit strange since I’m not presuming a particular gender here – I’ve seen women with six packs before, but no matter how athletic you are, six-pack abs for a woman is not normal, you’d have to deliberately try to get them and look weird). So in other words, going shirtless and sagging your pants a bit, or rockin’ some swimwear, with the right body can sell a lot of calendars. I’d probably buy one. If I gave a shit about calendars. … What month is it again?
One way of looking at this is basically: “an attractive body”.

3. Legs and feet. OK, I confess, I don’t mind socks and such either. Smoothly toned legs, with well-kept feet at the end? Sign me up. Hell, let’s face it, most guys have a thing for legs, and they get a ridiculously short shrift in pornography, despite the fact that most people who have actually had erotic encounters (as in, more than a handful with just a bunch of socially inept furries) know that the legs and feet are sensitive, erogenous areas that everybody, man or woman, think of as prime sensual real estate. They’re awesome, long parts of the body (so they’re a lot of surface area) that don’t get enough attention or contact, so just the simple act of hugging someone’s legs or massaging their feet could be really nice for them. But hey, don’t expect porno directors/artists to actually know jack shit about the sex or eroticism. Fuckin’ raincoaters.

Day Nine: Two smilies that describe my life right now
1. =# (waffle-face!)
2. =D

Day Ten: One confession

Erm. OK, this is a tough one.

Alright. I confess that I think Nintendo is the worst of the gaming companies, failing even harder than Sega, only surviving because imbeciles are still willing to buy atrocious sequel games that are just as uninspired and lame now as they were with their traditional installments.The level of fanboyism Nintendo evokes is astounding, and most of their "greatest" franchises strike me as utter garbage, with concepts that could only pass muster today as crappy, tiny-budget games nobody ever plays. They literally owe their success to the low standards of gamers in the 80s and the brainless fanboys who fuel their massive marketing division.

Either that or my standards or too high. No, don't try it. Nope, don't waste your time. I've played these old games, without rose-tinted glasses. They aren't as good as they're made out to be. >:{ I WILL NOT BE TURNED TO THE RANKS OF NINTENDO.
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