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Ten Day Meme - D7

Day Seven: Four turn offs.
I’m gonna assume this means real life, as opposed to modelling or porn or something. Warning: some of this is going to be offensive to some people. Remember, you should not be offended (it's only my opinion on what really, really turns me off or on, nothing else).

1. Fatness. Actual, general unattractiveness. I mean, you don’t need to be a model, and honestly I’m pretty tolerant, but there’s a limit. To put it bluntly, if you’re unattractive, expect people to, you know, not to find you attractive.

I'm actually going to add a qualifier here: as I elaborate on in my next "day", this is just the superficial, shallow stuff that I do or do not find attractive. For the record, I actually have done things with people both skinny and very much overweight, and no I don't hate them or find them utterly repugnant. But you're asking me what bowls me over in a fit of sexual excitement, or what emphatically does not.

So, look, no, I'm not saying I'm some asshole who "doesn't go for fat chicks lol". It's just a matter of superficial preference. Now, why did I put this pussy ass disclaimer here? Because some of the most overweight people I know are absolute sweethearts and are likely to read this. So just stressing that I'm not saying I find them repulsive and would never want to do anything with them. It's just like how my ex-girlfriend used to continually tell me she though Vin Diesel was the paragon of male sexiness, when I look nothing like him.

.... Fuck you, Vin Diesel.

2. Poor hygiene. I’m sure you know what I mean. Or maybe you don't.

3. Related to number two. Scat, gore, water-sports, etc. Absolutely god-damn no. Also, no, I’m not remotely into this diaper wearing business. These things are actively disgusting to me. As always, whatever floats your boat, but keep it away from my vessel. Kyeegh.
"Used diaper off the starboard bow!"
"Collision course! NOOOO!!"

4. Hyper-masculine (for instance, covered in gigantic He-Man muscles) and hyper-effeminate people/drawings. Though I have to admit, the former is even lower on my list than the latter. Eww. Related to this, cross-dressing or bizarre, effeminate clothing – especially on guys and double-especially when we’re talking such stupidly effeminate/masculine things that not even the “correct” gender would be caught dead wearing here. You’re not cross-dressing, you just look weird. Wear it if you like, but don't expect it to get my blood flowing south.
As I always say: "This might come as a shock to you, but science has proven that, as a general rule, gay guys like other guys."
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