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Random Thought

A couple people have asked over the last few years if I would open a Patreon in order to spend more time on putting out stories. Since my work is basically my life and I don't do much else from it most of the time, maybe I would try a Patreon if it made it easier to focus on writing more. I don't know how feasible it is to be honest, but maybe I'll see how much interest there is.
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Added: 1 month, 1 week ago
1 month, 1 week ago
There are a lot more artists/authors I like than I could afford to commission (and not everyone does comms). I like being able to show some support for those creators on Patreon even if it's just a few dollarydoos here and there.
1 month, 1 week ago
Looking at the the idea of Patreon I am for it but there are a few things to think about. Hence the slight wall of text, sorry in advance but this needs to be said.

1. My personal views and some history.

I personally like anything that you post as the art is always wonderful however, your stories were the reason that I started watching you. They were some of the first written works that I discovered in the fandom back with yiffstar, with your growing pains series being the first one I read all the way through. They are universally well written with so much detail put into every scene even the non-yiff ones and I have continued to look forward to them for that reason.

2. Story uploading timeline.

The thing is, not including your newest Dragon's Den series, the last story you uploaded was in 2016 almost 3 years ago now. From what stories you have posted, there are about 8 different series that can be updated, with Fertile Soil and Dragon Blossom being my top  picks. With so many open ended series there is a lot of room for expansion and means that you will not have to come up with new story ideas if you don't want to.

3. The "You owe us" problem.

In the past it has taken you a very long time to produce new chapters for your stories. The cause of this is the MOST important factor in deciding if/when to open a patreon account. If you took so long due to real life situations or problems that money can deal with or mitigate, then I say go for it. If the cause for slow writing speed was a lack of interest or motivation then you may want to think about if having a bunch of people giving you money every month to produce stories or other content will cause you an undue amount of stress or force you to rush and lower the quality of your work.

Final Thoughts:

I would be glad to see you open a Patreon IF it meant that more chapters, for the story series you have ongoing, would be uploaded quicker without giving up their quality. In addition to that I would happily sign up at the 5 or 10 tier and stay for years. This is a big choice to make though as you would have to put out stories and eventually new series on a regular/consistent basis. You might have to write a new chapter every month or every 3 months but you will still have to produce content or the patreon would collapse after a while. Depending on the reward tiers(your choice if you want any at all) you may end up giving other people the option to decide the theme/plot of a story/series that you would then have to produce in a timely fashion and that can be even more stressful then doing a commission piece.
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