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Patreon alternative (for foalcon and loli content)

So I've been struggling with foalcon stuff in recent years. Patreon blocked It so I can't monetize it. (Which is kinda a big deal since Its how I make a living at the moment with any animations and pics I make. Not just foalcon but. literally anything I make. If I don't upload anything for a month or more cause its foalcon loli or otherwise and a big animation. I just hemerage money and income. And get very little in return for it. How could I?

In recent months though I've finally found an alternative that will allow me to focus on this sorta content (what I upload here essentially. all cmc type stuff or what not.) So I'm writing this post to introduce it. for anyone reading this in future or otherwise

If you REALLY want to see more foalcon/loli content (also incest content like rarity with sweetiebelle or otherwise) (regardless of any 2ndary fetishes I'd add from cockvore to impreg) I'm strongly hoping you will support me here (paypal is not an option sadly. need a card or some other way of paying)


Untill I reach a certain milestone It won't really be usable but as I make this content. I have a place to post it now. I hope some of you will consider joining it. Picture tier is 2 dollars and animation is 5 (same as patreon but without any censorship :3)
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Added: 2 years, 3 months ago
2 years, 3 months ago
Will content still be posted here with the same themes? As in, is it a kind of early access to them? Just curious how this is since I can't really contribute, at least for a little while.
2 years, 3 months ago
Same system as patreon. animations are held for a few weeks and pics are posted... intermitenly. tbh somtimes I just forget to post them but everything will be free in its own time. usually a few weeks. pics much sooner then animations.

so yes early access. It's just so i can pay rent and keep existing.
2 years, 3 months ago
Also keep in mind. I only mainly post loli and foalcon here. stuff I can't post elsewere. I've posted a few things that will show up on the main site I use. but mainly I only use this place for those themes. If you really do like my stuff. may want to jump on derpibooru (My profile there)
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