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Oops, here we go again...

"My complaint isn't really with multiplayer. It's with the fact that I can't stand teenage dipshits."

5 Ways to Tell You're Getting Too Old for Video Games | Cracked.com http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-ways-to-tell-youre-getti...

Um, no. Most of the assholes I meet online are my own age. It's the very generation complaining about this and shunting the blame over to the kids that are responsible for it.

He's definitely right, when you're 25+ it's going to be tough to get together a bunch of people for a game, but you're actually talking about random game joining. Which any mid-twenties cunt can do when he or she is finished screwing around.

Seriously, Wong and Cheese just flat out stated that the only people causing these problems, the trolling and griefing in multiplayer video games, are teenagers. There are no adult dipshits? Why is that word "teenage" in that sentence? He's even linked to a Team Rhoomba video of TF2 griefing... that clan is made up of adults, guys. That was a video of adults griefing adults.

But hey, it's cool on the internet to bitch about teenagers. Yeah, sure, whatever, just carry on. Fine. Fuck, seen that before.

I mean, really. Piss off. Credit where credit is due. It's MY age group with the mad trolling skillz, bro. Trollolololololol!

Who is hanging out on 4Chan and shit coming up with these rude, offensive, deliberately disturbing "memes" and turning the internet into a wasteland populated by ditto-head trolls? You REALLY think it's the fucking 14 year olds?!

No, they have 12 hours of homework a week as well as a full-time "job" they don't get paid for.  When they do get online, "parental controls" and privacy invasion keep them under check.

This is a perfect example of the sheer fuckheadery of this issue. There was no need to say "teenage dipshits" as if there are no older douchebags on the internet. Trust me, there are, and in my experience - and the experience of everyone that I know that I have asked - in most games it's actually the smarmy, arrogant 20-30 year olds that grief, troll and generally make shit unpleasant for everyone.

That word was not necessary. It is an open admission of bigotry. You might as well have said you don't like taking public transport late at night because of "black dipshits." Except this kind of unjustified discrimination is cool.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
When the clan I work with tried to set a minimum age requirement, I fought tooth and nail against it. Didn't matter; I'm not an admin anymore so I no longer have the power to block it. But I think it's highly detrimental to any group (I play PC, so it's a little different than consoles) to cut out a huge population, not to mention one that may not be employed, one that doesn't have to deal with paying rent or putting food on the table for his family. Basically, these kids have more time to play than I do, so they're probably gonna be better. So why cut them off? There are just as many dickhead adults as there are teens, and plus, half of the guys IN the clan were 16 or 17 when they joined! Mind you, that's only one of the bones I have to pick with those guys, but that's a whole other story.

7 years ago
Back when I still had a functional 360 (without a shitty drive unit that couldn't tell a game disc from shit), I honestly disregarded most online activity because A) Asperger's syndrome, and B) Most people I got paired up with that didn't use the mic were tweens or below. I could rant for hours about this kind of gamers, but I won't. Of course, I ran into the occasional mid-twenties gamer talking down to the other freshly-joined guys like he was unbeatable or something.

While juvenile gamers with their "your mum" (how is that even popular?!) quips (though I do enjoy telling them that "well, you just told me you fucked a post-60 lady whose looks aren't exactly on her on the other end of the globe, you must feel special about your frequent masturbating at your local retirement home"). Then we have the pathological gamers calling you out as a "n00b" for making a simple mistake and keep chewing you out for it throughout the session. The latter disturbs me the most, and those are the very same you point fingers at. *hugs* |3 I wish console gaming had some decent matchmaking already.
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