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Chronicles Of Narnia Dawn Treader

Bitter Sweet is my two word summary of the latest movie the Dawn Treader.
It's everything I expected and is on par with the latest harry potter movie. The action is a little more coherent in this one though, the camera isn't shaking as much as it was in Harry potter my god. Four things however stick out horribly. First why are the people buying up people for slavery look arab? and none of their captives and victims do? Second in the beginning Prince Caspian talkes about how he basically conquered neighboring nations and procliamed there is peace throughout all of NArnia. Yeah to me that sounds like peace by boot heel. Third in the end of the movie after Aslon shows up (thankfully the overpowered god character (god characters are another story) plays less of a role) he says "back in your world I go by another name, seek it out and hold it true," or some vague shit along those lines, obviously we all know what other name he goes by. http://www.worldcorrespondents.com/wp-content/uploads/... DUH!
Finally there isn't a face for the 'evil' that the kids are going up against. It's just EVIL and thats it, no answer as to who or what the hell is responsible for the EVIL force it's just there and refereed to as simply the EVIL, that will make your nightmares come true and tempt you. Which leads me to another problem with this movie. The whole idea is around resisting temptation as they get closer to the EVIL but the movie isn't long enough for us to explore the degrading of the characters, have some attempted murders, have some guy go crazy and burn down the ship, why wasn't Reepicheep affected by THE EVIL what temptations would he of had to face or possible nightmares? I could think about a dozen possibilities surrounding this.
Overall entertaining movie that I would watch again but I feel my intelligence is often insulted by the obvious christianity is only true religion whenever Aslon shows up. I do hope this movie is successful mainly cause I have no interest in dealing with more Disney pirate movies unless it's about Reepicheep.

Really the best character in this movie is Reepicheep, could we have a movie about him? He really is the most likable and interesting character of the bunch.
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Added: 8 years, 3 months ago
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