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For a long time I was wondering about the whereabouts of this artist until I even got to find some practice drawings when I was teaching fasttrack 37d but after that I could not find more information until I contacted the owner of http: // www.pantherpouch.com after a few months of waiting I answer the message and I reveal this information

original post by yusky:

Hi i need know some stuff about EasySpark

o.O what the hell... this message was just delivered o.O four months late x.x;

anyway, what would you like to know? he's been pretty much MIA for a few years now o.o haven't heard from him in a long time. Hell, I've messaged his boyfriend (at the time) who is still posting art and drawing basicly in EasySparks style BUT has never responded AND anyone that has asked him about EasySpark has never gotten an answer out of him...

x.x; its a bummer too. EasySpark was such an easygowing guy

original post by yusky:

I suspect it might be fasttrack but it's just a guess, some time ago I came across fasttrack art that was pretty similar to that of EasySpark

nahh, i don't think so. when FastTrack streams, you can hear his voice (occasionally) and its definitely 'Scotts' voice (from what i remember of them doing twin streams. the accent is there). EasySpark taught Scott how to draw (literally), and Scott was really good at mimicking Easy's art style back when he was learning, so i think he just absorbed it in total when Easy disappeared

original post by yusky:

Any idea where I can contact EasySpark? When I was younger I loved his way of drawing and now that I am an adult I am interested in the idea of ​​buying one of his commissions

i'm going to pretty much say that he has 'retired' from the furry world. all of his contact info is pretty much ignored... >.> sometime last year i even sent his paypal $5 to see if it got sent back or not. no response or anything.

If you are wondering why you should contact this person, it is because EasySpark participated in his site http://www.pantherpouch.com/artist_info.htm

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