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Commissions open!

I'm happy to announce that I'm going ahead with officially opening commissions! At the moment I can only accept payments through Paypal, but if you're interested, please do send me a message with this information!

Your name, your age (if you want an adult commission!), your email (for the Paypal invoice), whether you'd like a still render or an animation, and the details of your desired commission (characters, positions, locations and such)!

I use Source Filmmaker, and currently have the models from KabalMystic's pack with Tahlian's edits, but if you would like me to use another model, please send me a link to where I can download it and we can discuss the possibility!

Things I enjoy doing!:
Any combination of the above!
Breast/Penis expansion

Just because what you're interested in isn't on here, doesn't mean I won't do it! These are just the things I personally enjoy, and will be able to do better than other things!

Things I won't do:

Characters I currently prefer to use:
- Alicia Acorn ♀ (Anti-Sally)
- Amy Rose ♀
- Antoine D'Coolette ♂ (including post-Super Genesis Wave)
- Big the Cat ♂
- Blaze the Cat ♀
- Bunnie Rabbot ♀ (with and without robot limbs)
- Buns Rabbot ♀ (Anti-Bunnie)
- Charmy Bee ♂
- Cream the Rabbit ♀
- Espio the Chameleon ♂
- Fiona the Fox ♀
- Infinite ♂
- Jet the Hawk ♂
- Knuckles the Echidna ♂ (including Super and Chaos)
- Miles Prower ♂ (Anti-Tails)
- Nicole the Lynx ♀
- Patch D'Coolette ♂ (Anti-Antoine)
- Rotor the Walrus ♂ (including evil and post-Super Genesis Wave)
- Rouge the Bat ♀
- Sally Acorn ♀
- Scourge the Hedgehog ♂ (including Super)
- Shade the Echidna ♀ (including suit and helmet)
- Shadow the Hedgehog ♂ (including Super)
- Silver the Hedgehog ♂ (including Super)
- Sonic the Hedgehog ♂ (including Super and Hyper)
- Sticks the Badger ♀
- Storm the Albatross ♂
- Tails the Fox (including Super and slutty) ♂
- Tikal the Echidna ♀
- Vanilla the Rabbit ♀
- Vector the Crocodile ♂
- Wave the Swallow ♀
- Peg Pete (from Goof Troop) ♀
- Ms. Pennypacker (from Goof Troop) ♀
All of the female models come with male equipment, naturally!

Prices will vary depending on how complicated your commission is, because that has a big effect on how long it will take me to make! Things that affect the price are:
Number of characters
Number of scenes
Length and complexity of animation (if you want an animation, of course)
Last-minute changes (try to avoid these!)

If you're interested, please do send me a message, I'll be happy to discuss with you!
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