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Book one Chapter one of Sanearian Outbreak

Prolouge: The Year 2243 HM on a planet in the Zeta Sector The Wulverians and Vexans are at War For the Dominion of the Planet Sanear. Despite the Fatal Attempts of the Vexan Empire , the Wulverians are taking Control of most of the Worlds Civizlations and outposts, the Vexan Empire has Fallen into Shambles as the Domination of the Wolf Race seizes all over the planet , the other Races of Sanear becoming forced Members of the W.E. as the Vexans are forced into an isolation as the Wolf Race Captures the Remaining of what was once the proud empire of Vexan. .
Our Story begins with a Young Vexan on his way to School...where...not only will his life Change....but the complete world around him...is soon to be nothing but a dream....of his past....The...Story of Canidate X-0013 Jake Ashfurr.

Chapter one : The Begining
The trees begin to rustle, as the sun on a nice warm morning begins to rise, sleeping in bed coverd in a series of bundled blankets a Red Fox lays lazily snoozing as the Alarm begins to buzz about his bedroom. Bzzzzzz Bzzzzzz~!!! The Alarm would go repeatedly as the lazy Vexan boy begins to groan from the annoying sound. it was clear he didnt exactly like being woke up , but knowing he had school, the fox boy would attempt to make the effort to awake regardless or suffer his bigger sisters wrath of missing school. his triangle ears would flicker to sounding of the alarm, as he lazily rose from his perch of amany bundle blankets. The boys room was extremly messy with clothes strewn about the floor magizines of Vexan Weekly sat untidyly upon his dresser. his underwear drawer was half open giving off a peek of panties of various colors, a black crop jacket lay crinkled in the chair of his desk. The jacket was the foxes favoirte , and he wore it almost every day if he could except for the few days his sister would steal it to wash. "Nyahhh....i dont wanna go to school....." The Fox thought to himself as he yawned before sprawling out of bed to grab some clothes , looking at the time before getting an ecstatic shocked look on his face as if he saw death. "Fuck....!!! im gonna be late...Shit shit shit!!!!" Scrambling around to grab some clothes The Fox Boy began to scramble for a deent pair of shorts and he pulled on a red T-Shirt followed by his jacket . he was 20 minutes late for school , his Sister had already gone to work due to the fact her car was gone, a post it note was latched to the door saying "dont be late for school or else.." the thought of what his sister would do began to shiver a tremble down his spine as he darted out the door, but little did the young fox know...he wouldnt be returning home at the end of the day.
The Trees, would rustle, in a earnest warm blow as the wind , whistled around him. It was a early day on Sanear as Jake walked to school.
The only thoughts filling his mind would be what his sister would do, when he returned home from his day at school. His ears folded back, in a nervous guise. “Fuck....fuck...double fucking shit....she is soo gonna kill me... she is soo gonna beat my ass for sure.” He would mutter to himself as he walked on his merry way.
He wasn’t paying attention , with his mind stuck in his own thoughts had stumbled down the wrong path. Normally Jake would take the same route to go to school, but at this time had taken a short cut . One he wasnt normally fammilair with but as he was already late, didnt Care. The brush would get more thick, as he continued to walk. His nervous guise would become more of a shakey scared tone, continueing down the path , with his tail between his legs.
“Where would this lead...he thought...where would this go..he pondered.” Seeming hours. As he walked and walked down the brush, of beaten path. It was most certain he wouldnt make it to school on time now, for now he had felt lost...”

In a Distant Area, not to far from the spot where jake had gotten lost, a small compound stood in, seeming overtaken by the tropical brush that surrounded it. Green Foilage of trees weeds, and very tall grass would cover most of the outside. Side froma beaten dirt path almost invisable to the nakid eye, ecept for those who knew where to find it.

The Building had a bit of wear and tear brushed into , showing the fact that it may of seen better days. Inside the compound stood, a black wolf like male, dressed in a white lab coat. Acompanied by two similar men dressed ina military Fashion.
The White lab coated male, had circular round glasses perched atop his muzzle , gazing down at a Data Pad , showing outside sentry of what was going on in the forested areas.
He gazed over to the two soildeirs , with a bit of concern for a certain area on the outside.
Watching the two men he would begin to speak up in a stern bit of tone. Showing his words with atthority would address properly.
“Darek and Raskar!!!” He would growl with a stern howl. “Attention!!”

The Two Men who where lazily siting at their Desks, quickly jolted from their seats, standing up ina fast paced motion as if, they where about to recieve a lashing from their moms, a scared like expressions filled their faces, as they stood straight adressing the Scientist.
one of the men had furr of as brown as dirt with green eyes of a calm but energetic tone. His jacket was armored with a chest plate made of a metalic alloy, that gave off a bit of a shine. it coverd up most of his torso , as his pants where a olive green with patches of dark black.. a Side arm pistol rested along his leg hoilsted by its sling, as a rifle rest on his back.

The other , was a bit more Laxed and had a more Stout body shape, his furr was more Darker black and a scar was nestled against the bridge of his snout, he had a cocky smile painted against his fangs, as he and the other male gazed towards the Scientist's Direction, with smug looks on their faces.
"What the Hell are you Two idiots doing!!!?? GET YOUR ASSES TO WORK ON THAT GENERATOR DOWN BELOW! " -The Scientist would Roar with an Angerd growl bellowing from his throat. "We need Power to continue, and please tell me you two fixed that Defective Drone!!"
The once Smug looks began to Dwindle to a lack of Confidence began to sway into their minds. It wasnt often The Doctor would yell , unless he had something to yell about, which wasnt often.
Other Guards down bellow the compound had herd the roaring of the angerd Doctor, and had began to work faster on their assigned duties.
"We....have...been working...on it Sir..." one of the two mutterd as his eyes looked down to the doctors shoes, a Tidy shine from the loafers would glimmer in the dim lights of the underground base giving off a small linger of light passing against the shoes of brown hue. "But...one of the Power Fuses..have died and if it isnt fixed...we might as well say good bye to the other cause it can run the base on its own..."
The Doctor looked down towards the floor, a walkway of steel grate , began to pace back and forth before looking up to Darek. "Is communications still up "
Darek began to nod slowly before pointing to a small telecommunications unit sitting on the center table. "yeah...but we only have enough power for one Call..so we should be carefull on who and where we call" The Doctor Shook his head nodding before walking over to the telecommunications unit, grasping the mic , pressinga few buttens before static began to immense from its speakers. "Testing Testing 1 2 3" Jungle Station Alpha Omega 42 Calling out to HQ Mansion in Wulverian Empire~ Requesting a Drop Ship in Cordinates 487.392.692 in the Forest of Silence~ The Static would end before a slight beep froma response began to commence from the speakers - "This is Wolftail Mansion Reading you Loud and Clear, Vip Convey Heading your Way Boss~!! ~ The Voice Emited From the telecomunicater sounded young and a bit cocky though with a profesional sence about them. After The Transmission Ended The Doctor would look over to the Two Guards. "Alright..gather your men...we are heading out...its no use staying at tis outpost anymore...shut down the power of the generator and leads head out..take the remaining fuse with you..and Secure...The Contents in the BreifCase for me. " The Doctor after finsihing his sentence would head to the entrance of the bunker and out the door as the two guards turned opposite direction to follow the orders given. minutes later had returned to the entrance carrying a locked Breifcase with Secured contents Followed by Several Soldeirs, that would soon be known as the Classifed Contents that would be known for Gaining the Wulverians Upper Hand in the war in the comming years to come.
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The Starting of a  Book I started Ages Back Hoping to get back into it !!
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