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commission ideas (ignore) NSFW

Text Ref: http://bit.ly/Jwegor
My best overall picture so far: http://bit.ly/UWQJ9L [Adult]
Close up of my muzzle: http://bit.ly/WA2Sy8


1. (friend), cleaning his room (naked) and my muzzle sticking out from under his bed with his boxers on my nose #Picsinmyhead (:

2. me (feral), playing tug-of-war with someone's underwear


4. a pic of Cyan_Ottercat & KaitheRocelin snuggling, with me curled up around them. #PicsInMyHead

5. Me, climbing into the shower,
& other random heads peeking into the bathroom to watch me... #PicsInMyHead

6. [friend], fur all poofy, me giggle my ass off next to him, and a caption "dont let dragons heat dry you after your shower" #PicsInMyHead

7. Me, carrying [lover] to bed... #PicsInMyHead

8. Me and [lover], resting on cloud 9, covered in cum, basking in our afterglow... #picsinmyhead

9. Me and [friend], snuggled together on the couch, watching a movie... #PicsInMyHead

10. Me and [friend], ballroom dancing, in the rain... #PicsInMyHead (: gonna have to find someone who can do the "wet fur" look... (:

11. a picture of me, my sword, mid-swing, engulfed in blue fire, about to cleave you in two... roaring in fury.... #PicsInMyHead (:

12. A pic of me and [friend] as teens, me, leaned over and kissing him on the cheek, him a shoked look on his muzzle #PicsInMyHead

13. [my lover], in Skyrim armor, dropping his plates as i careess him... #PicsInMyHead (: "The Only Dragon I Want"

14. Me, snuggling with an older Spike (MLP).... #PicsInMyHead (:

15. me, on the run from my friends in a game of tag...

16. A pic of me, sitting in the grass, my [friend] resting his head on my shoulder, as we watch the moonrise on the horizon... #PicsInMyHead

17. me (feral) pulling [friend] undies down from behind, like the Coppertone Girl #Picsinmyhead XD

18. me, stuffing a friend into my mouth

19. someone hiding in my mouth (while i sleep) from a pack of wild (carnivores) "The Best Hiding Pace"

20. need a pic of me, curled up, asleep, to put on my door with a warning: SLEEPING DRAGON, BEWARE! #PicsInMyHead

21. [lover], in an extra wide bath tub, sore and relaxing from his workout, as i lovingly kneel over him, bathing his fur for him #PicsInMyHead

22. me, carrying [friend] under my wings, taking him home for snuggles <3

23. my otteroo, & cyan using a double ended dildo together (collared and leashed, licking someones cock, if they get this commissioned)

24. me, mounting Spikey Shadowfang from behind, pushing his muzzle into the dirt as i push my cock into his ass.

25. a pic of Spikey Shadowfang on my leash, laying in the bathtub, a grin on my face as he licks pre from my cock #PicsInMyHead

, sitting in my lap, naked, an annoyed look on his face, as i bathe his headfur with my tongue, messing up his hair #PicsInMyHead <3 "Bath Time"

27. me and Guilmon making romantic love #picsInMyHead

28. me, sticking my head out of a friend's pocket #PicsInMyhead

29. me, in band uniform, and various drum mallets hanging from my wrist... #PicsInMyHead

30. me, passed out, with Squeakerbutt and Jamieotterbein and their otter friends playing on my belly, and
investigating my muzzle. (: #PicsInMyHead

31. me, yawning and stretching, my morning wood leaking pre all over my sheets #PicsInMyHead (:

32. me, holding fuskers' swollen belly lovingly behind him, as he carries my egg #picsInMyHead

33. me and Felixotter playing in a pool/lake #PicsInMyHead (clean/mature versions)

sitting in my lap (clean/mature) leaning back, resting his head on my chest, basking in the warm glow of the sun (sitting by a pool, in a lawn chair)

35. Me and [Friend] in the headless lounge, in eachother's fursuits #PicsInMyHead

36. Me, (feral) carrying an otter by his scruff (mature with sheath) #PicsInMyHead

37. me (feral) saddled, and bridled and such, Aresues holding my reins as i mount him in the stables... #PicsInMyHead

38. a pick of me (feral) saddled, with
in the seat, as i fly him around town #PicsInMyHead (:

fast asleep, his head resting on the tuft of fur at the end of my tail, his arms wraped tightly around my tail, which is curled around him, by my side, and i watch predators stlk thier prey in the moonlight.

40. Tons of furries, standing, applauding, as the FNL cast takes their final bow at Furry Fiesta 2012 #PicsInMyHead

41. me laying in bed on my back with [lover] against me, on his side, one arm on my chest, his head resting on my shoulder #PicsInMyHead

42. Me lying on a couch, with
on top of me, my paw under his shirt, my other paw holding his, our fingers intertwined #PicsInMyHead

43. kee, body glistening with sweat, undressing, about to jump in the shower #PicsInMYHead

44. me and [lover] out on a fancy date (tuxes, candles and all) #picsInMyHead

fast asleep in bed with me, as i lie awake, caressing his sweet face

46. me, under
, his tail raised high, half my cock squeezed into his cum swollen sheath (some cum leaking down my shaft)

47. some fur beating my nose with a rolled up newspaper, because i ate their flowers #PicsInMyHead XD

48. me and [lover] passed out, our muzzles pressed against each other's crotches, breathing their musk #PicsInMyHead <3

on his back, [lover] riding his ottery shaft, digging his claws into blacky's chest fur, me, biting [lover]'s neck, as he sprays his seed all over blacky, me pouinding blacky's tailhole, knotted, blacky's rudder shoved in my rump.

in my mouth, pulling a deer's leg bone from between my teeth... #PicsInMyHead

51. me and [lover] together in tight underwear, pressing our bulges together... #PicsInMyHead (:

52. Me and [lover] sitting at our computers, pressing our paws against our monitors, crying a bit. #picsinmyhead

53. a furry high school class photo #PicsInMyHead (:

54. Me, leaning against a locker, in high school, giving a rose to [lover] between class #picsinmyhead <3

55. me (feral) asleep, with [lover] (feral) front paws on my muzzle, as he sniffs my nose curiously #PicsInMyHead ^.^

56. my cum spattered muzzle #PicsInMyHead ^.^

57. a bunny rabbit running, carrying a dragon egg, being chased by mommy dragon #PicsInMyHead

58. me, in bed, reading a book, with [lover] layin next to me, his head on my chest, and paw clenching my chest fur as he has a bad dream #PicsInMyHead

59. my pet otter, in his collar, on my leash, as we go for a walk around the town #PicsInMyHead

60. an icon for my friend, blackymoon, his webbed paw pressed against the screen, a big grin on his face... #PicsInMyHead

61. i bet
would look sexy as a dragon.. #PicsInMyHead

62. a friend, sitting in my lap, facing me, his tail between my legs, our arms wrapped around eachother, his cheek pressed into my chest fur, my muzzle resting on his head, keeping him safe #PicsInMyHead

63. King Kazma riding Guilmon's slick cock... #PicsInMyHead

64. a picture of [friend] sticking his head out of my pant's zipper... #CrotchFurry <3 #PicsInMyHead

65. a shy, blushing otter, wearing only his tshirt, trying to cover his crotch... #PicsInMyHead

66. a pic of me, getting scent marked... #PicsInMyHead

67. me (feral) collared and leashed, the leash in my mouth, big puppy dog eyes, beggin to go for a walk. #PicsInMyHead

68. new desktop background

69. me, leaning on blackymoon's chest, crying my eyes out, as he pats my head, comforting me #PicsInMyHead

70. A pic of me and [lover] snuggled naked in bed, my tail tucked between his legs, a smile on our muzzles #picsinmyhead

71. Auric as a Taur Dragon

72. Auric as an otter

73. Auric being transformed into an otter
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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
7 years, 5 months ago
Churr~~ one of those is gonna be ready soon ... and damn, I love 12, 17, 21 + 22 <3 <3
Some really nice and lovely ideas Auric :3
7 years, 4 months ago
There's been quite a few more additions that you might like sweetie
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