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Tinarell:  Vas ist das?

A long time ago, I made up an alien species for my RPG system.  They have had very little limelight since then.  But after a friend of mine asked recently, I figured i'd revive them, then post the details here for everyone to peruse.

If you have any questions not covered here, feel free to ask!

Pic:   https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=196399

A quasi-monotreme race of very tall bipeds, vaguely resembling a cross between a llama and a kangaroo.  They had parasitic eggs, so anyone could carry another's egg.  Very variable metabolism, based on intake of hydrocarbons-  ethanol was like a concentrated sugar for them, and not toxic.
They live in an arid, very warm planet, averaging 28F at the coldest and 167F at the hottest points.  Life there is carbon-based and levo-protein, just like ours, but had higher silicate and metallic content to their bodies.
They average 4-6 meters for the females and 5-8 meters for the males.  They have a cloaca.  Their penis is typically 12-18 inches, tapered, and prehensile.  They ejaculate slowly rather than in spurts, over time and through stimulus rather than orgasm.
They have very efficient organs that function as both liver and kidney, and very large bladders capable of storing fluids and re-absorbing it during drought.
Their hearts are located lower than mammals', more just above the stomach.  They have a large single lung.  Their ribcage is fused into a large flexible plate rather than a series of ribs.
Their speech is slow and droning, gutteral, an described as 'cow-like'.
They have a natural mental acuity for mathematics and an advanced sense of touch, and a developed sense of smell.  Their sense of vision is poor, limited mostly to peripheral detection and color phases.  Their eyes are wired differently, and are a whole uniform color in the lens without a pipil, with the iris dominating 40% of the eye.  Most eye colors are sky blue, light green, and emerald.  Rarely, brown or deep purple.  Those individuals usually have problems seeing compared to normal Tinarell.
Family structures are called Triads, and consist of a dominant male, a dominant female, and a subordinate male, although alterations exist.  The Triad serves similarly to a wedded duo in human society, and the members share all aspects of social and personal life.
Typically the dominant male engages in business and social functions, the dominant female performs crafting, accounting, spending, or other home economics.  And the subordinate male rears the young when the female cannot, as well as handling domestic chores.
Males outnumber females 4:1
Gestation is lengthy, taking 12 months to produce an egg after fertilization, and an additional 16 months before it hatches.  The egg is parasitic, and can be aborted and implanted into a willing host's body in any number of manners, or carried by the female until total maturity.  The egg forms an umbilical and feeds off the host
Males have a special pocket just within the colon which can accomodate surrogate eggs.
Tinarell are obligate herbivores, eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, tubers, and fungus.  Primarily fungus and fruit.  They also imbibe large amounts of alcohol regularly, which has an effect similar to caffiene to humans.
Tinarell tend to move in a slow and cumbersome manner, but are capable of quick movement and great strength if their sugar intake and metabolic state allow.
Their metabolism naturally slows during the colder seasons to conserve energy.  They can survive approximately 70 days without food in this condition, but only 20 during high metabolic states.
In all cases, they can typically survive 14-20 days without water, depending on physical activity and humidity.
They sweat through the nose and cloaca.  Their ancestors urinated or salivated on their bodies, especially the ears, feet, and paws, to keep cool.  A practice that still exists to some degree under more hygienic replicas, such as salves, lotions, and when using natural sources, topical disinfectants.
Their planet has a higher gravity than ours, approximately 1.18G's.  The atmosphere is much denser and has a higher carbon dioxide content.
Tinarell have four long incisors in the front of the top and bottom jaws which continually grow, similar to rodents, but at a slower pace.  Tinarell developed a natural and instinctual habit for chewing things.  They have four teeth-  two on either side of top and bottom-  in the rear of the jaw, which are flat and smooth used to pulverize food finely, also similar to rodents.
Their sense of hearing is on a different scale than ours.  Humans typically hear from 20Hz to 20kHz.  Tinarell hearing range is 12.9Hz to 16kHz.
The leading cause of death amongst Tinarell are technologically related-  workplace and transportation accidents, and home accidents.  Second leading cause is infectious disease, and distant third is a form of unique progressive autism afflicting those genetically predisposed, which is quite common.
Tinarell lifespan is uncertain, but estimated in the 300-400 year range before organ failures become prevalent.
They reach sexual maturity at the age of 12 for males and 28 for females.
The males' coloration is typically in shades of tan, brown, or chocolate.  Females are typically shades of grey and tawny, with ocassional albinoism and hybridism.
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