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So, it has finally happened....

So as of yesterday, my parents tolded me something I absolutely din't expected.
They threatened me to kick me out of the house.

Woah hold down there guys, before you say anything else, I just right tell ya.

Its entirely my fault, and I kinda deserve it.

See, the reason is its because Im 19 years old and I turn 20 this October, and since Im still not studying nor working, I got threatened.

College, I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK TO DO. Like seriously guys, I have no idea what to do, even on the internet, I try to apply for the ones in Texas here near McAllen, but OMFG I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THAT SHIT, and I been very tempted to do online college but still, I dont know any stuff so how the hell Im gonna apply if I dont even know how to do what.
According to my mom, I can, which in all truth I dont.

Work, not really a complain here, since here in Mexico its rather easy to get a decent paying job, and some require a little less effort, Im just really afraid to get in the so many called shootouts here everyone is so afraid for.

I just hope I can think somthing for college, or maybe work, but I dont know which one do I get first so my parents can stop bitching about it.
Do I get into a college already?
Or they will be a little happier if I get a job and help pay their bills?

Which one do you think its gonna be better for me to get first and why?

Also Im absolutely sorry, but as of right now, thanks to my parents keeping more of an eye for me, all gifts are on Halted status, until I either get a job or into a damn college.

Again Im so sorry everyone, I really am, I screwed up big time.
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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
Work. It's better to find a job now while you think on what to do for college, than hurrying up and picking the wrong discipline.
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