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Why I dislike Zelda BoTW even though I'm a Zelda fan.

Well that was a crushing disappointment.  BoTW is hands down the worst Zelda game I have played and no, i'm not saying that just to hate on something so ludicrously popular, read on and you'll understand why I so dislike it.

  This game, if it stood on it's own merits as a new IP would have been ok, not fantastic as a LOT of the design elements incorporated I'd take issue with either way, but in a Zelda game they are doubly bad. The main issue being BoTW is as much a Zelda game as hyrule warriors was, that is it uses the name and license with minimal relation to the core series apart from that and whilst Hyrule warriors was an ok game, it was also a spin off and NOT a core entry as BoTW is supposed to be.

Let's start with the literal biggest fault the game has.  It's entire overworld.  For a free roam and explore kind of title it DID get the free roam part down, go just about anywhere from the get go with few restrictions, pity the world it'self is so insufferably boring.  I found no enjoyment or value in the freedom I was given as it was entirely without point, benefit or consequence and that was entirely due to the plethora of design choices made that on their own would have been irritating but together butchered the entire pace and purpose of the game.

  Weapon breakage and inventory size are easily the killer issues.  Why would I ever bother to fight enemies that drop useless loot and break my gear? Why would I explore for a better weapon that'll just break once I smack around a few bokoblins or need to drop something else to pick it up?  Why see what's over the next hill or in that random cave when I KNOW there's nothing of interest to me there what-so-ever because shrines are where it's always at?

  Shrines provide the only real benefit in the game, do four and get a new heart container or stamina upgrade as well as replacement weapons to whack the occasional pointless pest with so i can move on to the next shrine.  Shrines don't even really need to be hunted for, they stand out like a sore thumb and you have a radar for them of all things and once you find them, they are so short there's no time to get into them before it's done and you're moving on.

Dungeons and epic boss battles and moments are far too few and far too far between, they took out what was arguably the meat and potatoes of the zelda core franchise and served it up in wholly unsatisfying bite size morsels. They should have cut out half of the pointless empty overworld and popped in another half dozen or so full dungeons of varying difficulty.  

 The real scavenger hunt of the game (the golden nuts) can suck a fat one. Exploration, mini games and collectables should be there as optional fun extras for people to do who fancy doing it, not a mandatory game of hide and go fuck yourself to fix a broken mechanic by expanding your minuscule weapon inventory!  These little turds are the only real reason I need to explore and that by it'self is not a good enough reason to trek all over hyrule's ass end for hours on end looking for these little shits. It's pointless, unfun, time wasting padding on top of pointless, unfun, time wasting padding.

Now on to Link himself.  What a useless pussy.  For a legendary knight who faced down four divine beasts, an army of laser tanks and Ganon himself, this guy is a walking disgrace to the name of the legendary hero.  Can't walk in a slight chill for more than a few seconds before dying of hypothermia, can't go out in the sun or he'll faint from heatstroke, can't run for more than ten seconds without slobbering and drooling all over the floor like an asthmatic kitten and has a glass body, let alone glass jaw. This Link is as far removed from badass hero as is humanly possible and by the time he gets to that point where he could be considered heroic, I've seen him shiver and whimper and complain and puss out too many times for the idea to stick.   Even Loli Zelda has bigger balls than this castrated fuckwit.

Just about all of this could have been solved by a simple way to repair my favourite sword on the fly as and when I needed.  If weapons didn't break so fast and could be fixed on demand, exploration and combat become useful again, finding a better weapon type becomes exciting as now I have a permanent upgrade, losing them becomes a big deal since it IS a better weapon and I can keep it around if maybe I fight enemies for items to either make or buy repair kits or the like and Link would actually look like he had at least one admirable in game quality, being able to maintain the weapons I like using. Yes, I know about unbreakable weapons, reforging and even the octorock rumor, all of which are not solutions to the problem at hand.

Either that or separate it completely from the core Zelda titles, then, Like Hyrule warriors, many of the issues I have with the game go away as well.  This was supposed to be a core Zelda title, find the dungeons, puzzle them out, find the Master Key, open the big chest then use the item to kill the puzzle boss.  That is Core Zelda's formula and always has been but instead they made Link Simulator casual jogging edition 2017.  I don't mind them shaking the formula up to breath some new life into it, but if they chuck the formula out then it's NOT a core Zelda game anymore, is it?

As a spin off or standalone IP this would have been fine, a little slow paced, but fine.  As a supposed core Legend of Zelda title, it fails on nearly every level.

Well that's my two cents worth anyways, for what it's worth.
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Added: 2 years, 3 months ago
2 years, 3 months ago
Totally agree
2 years, 3 months ago
idk, I disagree. One of the problems I had with the other Zelda  games is that they are too linear. Starting from Link To The Past,  once you beat a Zelda game and got all the items,  that was it. The game was meant for one run and I didn't want to play it again. Especially since I can't fight bosses again in most games.

BoTW and the original NES counterpart made it where you  can  go  in any order you want with the dungeons. the only thing with BoTW is that  there's a lot of time spent on hunting, gathering, and even making sure you have the right equipment  to prepare yourself   for whichever environment you were in. Even in Ocarina of time,  if you didn't have the Goron suit for Death Mountain, or the  Zora tunic for  going underwater, you were royally fucked. This game does take it to a whole different extreme saying "if you don't  prepare, it's your own damn fault that you died."

I get what you are saying,  "there are a lot of rules they  broke as far as Zelda mechanics go" and i think  a lot of people  could agree with you. but to be honest, the key factor in Zelda was "exploration"  and starting with Ocarina of Time,  Eiji Aonuma  spoiled us to holding our hands and pointing us  to   the right direction when there's not much to do post-game or in the outside world.

Granted, i do wish there were more dungeions, and  a lot more mini-games for the game, but i mean, i'm not trying  to convince you to like the game. but I do beleive there needs to have some sort of credit if you're going to compare BotW with other Zelda games. Egoraptor on Sequelitis  actually explains my point well.
2 years, 3 months ago
Hmmm I see, also I do have a still working NES
2 years, 3 months ago
The non linearity is one of the things I really do love about BoTW.  Go anywhere do anything has always been a fantastic way to play games, it's why (and don't laugh) BoTW really gave me a minecraft feel whilst playing.  

Problem with BoTW is, it takes ages to go anywhere and there's nothing there to do worth the effort when you arrive.  Enemies are usually not worth bothering with, even the rarer ones have nothing of consequence that make them worth fighting. Since weapons and loot are for the most part throwaway, it's impossible for me to get hyped over drops or treasure in general since it's only a temporary deal.

I also have no desire to explore in the first place as I know exactly what permanent rewards I'll find regardless of where I go.  1. A shrine.  2. A seed minigame. 3. Nothing.  That's it.     They should have cut out half the shrines, seed minigames and open expanses of nothing and put some heart and stamina pieces in those enemy camp chests or on one time unique mobs or at the bottom of dedicated non shrine themed mini dungeons.   Put in more permanent gear such as a reusable cooking pot , a weapon repair kit , a lightning rod for when it rains, gloves to negate rain effects on climbing, all of which can be found through exploring the world in different ways rather than just going through shrine after shrine after shrine after....

BoTW isn't a horrible abomination, but it could have been so ,so much more with just a little extra thought.  They could have kept the open world, made it infinitely better than it is and kept more in line with core Zelda design.  
2 years, 3 months ago
I think the biggest problem is that they needed more dungeons. And yeah. It does have a Minecraft/Elder Scrolls IV  Oblivion feel. In Oblivion, you had to constantly maintain your armor and weapons  otherwise they broke and were rendered useless.  So i do agree there could have been a lot of things they could have done to make things less of a chore (which is why I know where you're coming from) and  for god's sake, fast travel, please?
2 years, 3 months ago
There IS fast travel, any shrine you've been too can be teleported to via using the shiekah tablet.  Helps a lot.
2 years, 3 months ago
i agree
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