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An example of what I said earlier (Afghanistan)

"There not taliban, taliban only exist in north west pakistan, your fighting ordinary afghans who are tired of Americans in their country" - YouTube dickwit.

The politics of Afghanistan are beyond the ken of a fuckskull who cannot discern between "your" and "you are."

Seriously though, this is hilarious. No, the enemy over there is not "ordinary Afghans" and please, please do not try to portray the insurgency over there as a bunch of "honorable freedom fighters sick of occupation." This isn't 1975 and the international coalition is not the USSR.

This is exactly what I was talking about - the entire picture of Afghanistan's social landscape is being simplified by both sides of the political fence to the point of fantasy.

Firstly, the invasion of Afghanistan was not the invasion of a peaceful country. It was the invasion of a country already at war with itself.

If I MUST simplify this for people... there were two distinct sides to the conflict before the USA got involved, in this civil war that has been continuing for over thirty years now. The coalition actually 'joined forces' with one of these groups, let's see if you can guess which:

1: The Taliban, a group of educated, organized fundamentalists, supported by international mujahideen (i.e., what could be termed "Islamic Holy Warriors"), notably Al-Qaeda, and supported heavily by Pakistan to the point that most of the Taliban's troops were actually Pakistani soldiers, known for slaughtering their own people. Don't joke for one second that the Taliban was a benign organization.

2: The United Islamic Front (Northern Alliance). Afghans. Regular Afghans. Not people from other countries striving for an international religious goal. Allied tribes that didn't want to live under Taliban reign.

Which group stood by the coalition's side to evict the other?
The regular Afghans.

It is true that Afghanistan is more fractured than even that. It is a massive oversimplification (though that seems to be what people like) to say that the situation over there is merely "an international fundamentalist Qutbist/Sunni group" versus "regular Afghans" but it's shocking how many people don't understand the nature of the insurgency over there. Yes, some of them will be native Afghans, of course - arguably, that includes the Taliban.

Either way, don't glorify them. Don't be on their side. The insurgents aren't fighting for freedom or autonomy from "American invasion."

Most of these people really are religious nutcases who believe that the ends justify the means. That every good Muslim should give to the cause of the 'international Islamic state' - even eight-year-old children.

Religious extremism to the point where you would kill "heathens" and use innocents as shields (which they absolutely do) and see no problem with it because you're convinced you're right with your God is despicable and insane regardless of what flavor it comes in.

Regular Afghans, regular Muslims, are going to work, terrified that some fundamentalist/Salafist nutcase is going to blow up his place of work or worship. They're too busy being normal people.
The insurgents are devout fundamentalists who came from all over the Islamic world to fight for the "cause" - the "cause" of massacring the middle-east into submission and the suppression or elimination of non-Muslims.

Stop this. I'm terrified when I see people who imply, even indirectly, that terrorism is laudable or excusable. These aren't "righteous Afghans" fighting back against the evil, greedy empire of the USA, whether in the middle-east or overseas.

These are fucking insane terrorists killing innocents, be they American, Afghan, Iraqi or otherwise, in furtherance of an insane religious goal.

Has America been blameless over there? Shit no. I'm not making excuses for anyone, least of all people who murder civilians (because Marines are totally known for that, assholes).
It's the ignorant fuckers making excuses for EITHER side that I'm getting annoyed at.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
Religion is a powerful tool that can invoke many emotions out of man. A lot of the most disturbing things that has happened came from such worship, or “in the act of (a) god.” So long as there are differences, we will tear ourselves apart fighting each other.
It does make me wonder, (And I know this is waaay off track,) if aliens are watching us, how they perceive our race as a whole. Truth be told! We can’t be judged by a single act, people are suppose to be spontaneous, maybe even a little crazy. Different? Yes. Yes indeed. Judge not till they judge themselves, and he who hears gods plight, they shall follow. I come to terms then, once my foot is shoved up someone else’s ass.

Besides, They must really, really believe that there are 70 virgins waiting for them if they die for the “cause.” I don't mind what religion they worship, just leave me the fuck out of it.
7 years, 4 months ago
Unfortunately human tendencies drift towards narcism and the belief that ur ideas are the only correct ones out there. Man kind  Is in no way accepting of others and the religious fued fueled by centuries of bad bloo and war does the opposite. We might view terrorism as wrong and immoral but they have been raised to believe it is a noble act. No side is purely good or evil an it's all a matter of perspective. It's their way of life and were trying to change that which naturally meets resistance. It's a sad truth but they don't know any other life. We see it as wrong but we can't blame them for sticking with their beliefs. Terrorism should be stopped but it isn't unreasonable to think that there is a reason they do it. People are brainwashed and they don't even know it. Who's to say all this isn't govt propaganda and there is more to the story then were being told. In news ur supposed o divide the amount of ally casualties by 3 and multiply enemy losses by three justifying the war effort. It's the method almost evey news station uses. I know this because one of my old teachers studyed journalism and thats what they told her to do
7 years, 4 months ago
I honestly had no idea that they lied about statistics. strangely, I'm not surprised that the Gov. would be truthful about anything. I know I've been brainwashed, perhaps everybody has. every life has their views and morals, and it will take a lot of resolve to conquer it. or maybe I said that too quickly. maybe views and morals can't be conquered as long as there is a new generation to be taught to. Sadly, the only way to be sure there are no more wars in the future, is to wipe out the existence of certain peoples.

For every idea out there, there is a counter idea that is the exact opposite. when such ideas collide, the inevitable happens. whether it be debate, war, or surrender, conflict is a sad part of the human life. and even sadder if one happens to be caught in the cross fire of it all. war effects everybody.
7 years, 4 months ago
It's terribly unfortunate and then there are people who needlessly start conflict for no reason. Also the only way to prevent war would be to destroy man kind in general. As long as we continue to live we will wage war and our weapons are only getting more destructive. There is never a winner in war. A goal may be accomplished but the consequences outway the benifits. Both sides lose soldiers and burn a hole in the economy. The winner Is the one that loses less which many fail to see. I can't see how soldiers killing each other can accomplish anything. On that note I believe democracies should not wage war on each other or acquire additional land as it would be futile. Dictators gain land in order to obtain resources so they could live better. In a democracy this is unnessassary yet we continue to interfere. Sorry for the rant and yes there is a possiblitity that we are brainwashed considering we have no idea first hand of what's true. For all we know the country could be much smaller than we think and other countries we are against may havea significantly better economy and standard of living. We know almost nothing to be true.
7 years, 4 months ago
Still...Humanity has shown resolve before. It's been shown that alliances can be formed if leaders bond together enough. But by then, it's all about cheating the other out of goods through trade and policies. It may be wishful thinking, but peace is possible under the right circumstances. that, however, wont be for a long, long time, for history will just keep repeating it's self. But since N. Korea's leader had died recently, I wonder how the rules will change? even then, people will still fight.

Sometimes I feel like were the evil entities of the universe under a microscope. But it's not all bad. the world does have nice people in it with good hearts. it just takes the right kind of person, however little there may be of them. it's about enjoying the small things, to put it in words. worlds of different people and counties may be at war, but in the corner hidden in the clouds of smoke, if one looks close enough, even the good of humanity can be seen.

That makes me question; In what point in a child's life, do they turn evil? Can't say it's as black and white as such, the cold hand of science as proven that. Evil is as evil as one thinks on the other end of the idea, which could be good on the opposite end. what a conundrum we all live in.
7 years, 4 months ago
Peace is only temporary because all it takes is for a single group to want to be the most powerful there is. Diplomacy is like a chain. It takes alot to build that chain up and add to it but if one link decides to break alliances the whole chain is separated and ruined. South Korea is preparing it's troops in case north Korea decides to blame kim jong ils death on them and launch a huge attack. People always find a way to wage war.

There are way more good people than evil people but unfortanatly the bad stands out more. Evil people to me are the sadistic ones that torture their victims until they plead for death. Other than those wicked souls there Is some good In everyone.

Also you dont become evil u become different. It's all a matter of societies expectation. Different cultures have different standards.
7 years, 4 months ago
Good and evil aren't entirely a matter of perspective, there are basic objectives. Though you acknowledged that already.

Internet trolling? Being a dickhead for the sake of getting a laugh out of them "raging" at you? True evil is just a darker form of that - inflicting pain for no real benefit beyond "it amused me." It usually takes actual mental problems, or a genuine lack of empathy to go that far though.
7 years, 4 months ago
Afghanistan was fucked up when America got there, it'll be fucked up after we leave.

I don't like the idea of leaving the Taliban in charge of anything, but Karzai is little better. It's basically become a civil war because we half-assed the job in our rush to Iraq.
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