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A child's tears are not your entertainment!

This is bloody stupid.

So, an American talk-show host encouraged parents to give their children garbage "early Christmas presents" and record their responses. This journal is directed to everyone who does this sort of thing to young kids and enjoys seeing them bawl their eyes out.

Oh, and I'm very glad that some of the older kids realized it was a joke and took it well. But I'm with the last boy, Kimmel. Good on ya, kid. That said, I believe most of the blame for this lies with the parents - I doubt he realized some parents would take this so far.

Look, I'm not a humorous, beige-colored killjoy. I crusade against such people as best I conveniently can. I can understand the value of a good practical joke, but this bullshit is just far too common and it is not funny. It's just cruel.

I thought this behavior was limited to mean-spirited siblings and sociopaths, but parents and uncles too seem to think that it's hilarious to reduce a child to wracking sobs. They justify it by saying that "it was only a joke" and, in this case, that they would give them their real Christmas presents on the day.

But a child's emotions aren't toys for your amusement.

You were joking, it wasn't their real present. Good for you. But the distress that they felt was very real; they were crushed by the belief that one of the days they looked forward to the most over the entire year (many of them likely only remembered 3 or 4 Christmases in their entire life) was ruined, and that their parents didn't care enough to get them a decent present. Or at the very least, they opened one present early and it turned out to be utter crap.

Don't you see what's wrong with this? Some of these parents made their own child cry his or her heart out, then stood there with a video camera!

How is it amusing to incite despair and disappointment in a young child? The reason they fell for it is because they trust you so implicitly and utterly. They don't expect a trick, don't expect you to lie to them to do this to them.

Of course, further justification and defense of this nonsense is unavoidable. "It didn't hurt them! It was only some tears!" Yeah, and saying shit like that just makes you seem even more pathetic and callous to me.

It's always "just" tears. If your son skins his knees, it'll "just" be some pain and tears - he won't actually be hurt by it. Right? But you'd rush to comfort him and stem those tears.

The difference between the emotional pain of thinking Christmas is ruined for another year (and your parents find it hilarious or unimportant that you're crying, so they don't care) and skinning your knee (which doesn't actually hurt that bad) is slight. I don't see the dividing line that tells me it's okay to start mocking instead of comforting.

Yes, they fell for it. Yes, young children are gullible. I've teased quite a few kids in my life, but never to the point where they felt devastated (and in the case of some of these parents, kept the "joke" going to make SURE they were devastated).

They're young children. You're reducing them to tears and laughing at it. You're recording it so the entire world can laugh at them. How can heartbroken children be funny? If you did this to a close adult friend that trusted you, and you're not a 4Chan fuckwit-troll, and they reacted like this, would you laugh and record them?

Is it going to hurt them in the long run? No.
Does that mean that making them distressed like that temporarily is okay? No.
Did they enjoy what you did to them? No. This was a joke at their expense. There's nothing funny to them about this, or when they fell off their trampoline onto their face and you sent that in to America's Funniest Home Videos. But at least that time you didn't shove them off the trampoline yourself.

Their emotions aren't your toys. You hurt them (even if just temporarily) for your own amusement. I'm not trying to criticize people having fun, I'm criticizing them having it at the expense of a five-year-old's emotional distress. A parent shouldn't do this, at least not the way they did in the majority of those videos.

Feel free to mock me. Yeah, I'm such a "bleeding heart." At least I'm not the one who finds trusting, loving, emotional children crying their hearts out to be amusing.

Finally, for those wankers saying the children are "self-entitled" because some poor kids aren't getting any presents: go to hell and wake up, you pseudo-enlightened pricks.
What, are you going to hold the standards and expectations we adults have forced on these children against THEM? They aren't self-entitled, they're disappointed and saddened because someone got their hopes up and then smashed them.

I know a little girl who wrote the following in a Christmas card last year: "Dear Jesus. Can nobody be sad on Christmas and can you you ask Santa to give presents to the poor please? I think Christmas is a day everyone should be happy on." This was strung up over the mantlepiece.

Our children are selfish and self-entitled.... FUCK you.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
Some people... need to burn... I don't agree with ANY joke that hurts another person for 'amusement'. If both parties can not laugh at it... it's a pretty poor excuse for a joke.
7 years, 4 months ago
Yup, far more articulate than me.  After I watched the clip from his show, I hunted down some of the full videos.  Some of those children were so heartbroken by the "joke" gifts... though many of the parents did note that they gave their kids a "real" present after the camera stopped rolling to make up for toying with their kids' emotions.

It doesn't make it any better, but at least the parents acknowledged in some way that what they did was kinda mean to their kids.

....... Oh, and some of the kids seemed, at least while the camera was rolling, to be really happy with the "junk" they were given (and some of the parents reported that they enjoyed playing with them even after the camera stopped rolling -- "Awesome, a battery!").

Actually, it's funny to see which ones they picked to put on air.  Most of the ones had the kids really hating the present, but when I looked for all the submissions on youtube, quite a number of the kids "disappointed" their parents by actually being really cool about the presents they got, even the younger kids.  It's amazing to see what little kids can come up with.  They're just awesome.
7 years, 4 months ago
Yeah... I haven't even seen the video yet, but I've read people talking about it, and this is exactly how I've felt. >:(
7 years, 4 months ago
There's nothing worse than betraying your kids' trust, save for maybe not trusting your kids enough.

You do this to your dog, and it's animal cruelty. But if it's your kid, it's okay? How simple-minded do adults think children are?
7 years, 4 months ago
Once you go past a certain point it's not really a joke anymore, it's just emotional torture. My aunt did something similar to this to me one Christmas. She put a ginourmous box under the tree and let me open it a day or two early. Inside it was a box, and in that box was another box, and in that box there was another box etc etc. Finally, in the bottom of the last box was a rubber cockroach (I have a severe phobia of cockroaches, like panic attack can't breath freakout severe) loaded on a spring that popped out at me. And yeah, six year old me cried like a baby for the next thirty minutes or so until my step-dad came in and made everything better (I swear to god that man has some kind of special kid powers. You just couldn't cry with him around because everything turned awesome and made of fun the second he spoke...just don't get him angry is all). Even though she made up for it on christmas day (with the same gag, only replace the rubber bug with Pokemon Yellow) I was still terrified of her and any gift she's ever bought me since.

So yeah, it's not just a joke, you're ruining emotional ties with your family members and establishing a relationship based off of fear and distrust. Good job guys, this is good parenting.
7 years, 4 months ago
I hate jokes.
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