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Play to win $100!

I'm still looking for players to play in my Big Brother game, with a $100 cash prize going to the winner. The game will have a video game theme, and will be anonymous. There is no entrance fee, but I do ask that you at least know who some of the characters are, whether you look them up or know them from playing the games.

The characters you can choose from are...

1. Celes- Final Fantasy
2. Sly Cooper- Sly Series
3. Tails- Sonic Series
4. M. Bison- Street Fighter
5. Angry Bird Yellow- Angry Birds
6. Dixie Kong- Donkey Kong Country
7. GlaDOS- Portal
8. Malon- Zelda
9. Wendy O'Koopa- Mario
10. Lyndis- Fire Emblem
11. Ryu- Breath of Fire
12. Zero- Mega Man

For those of you who don't know how Big Brother works, here is a short summary.

In each round, the players in the game will compete to become the Head of Household (HoH). The HoH will then nominate 2 other players for banishment from the game. In most rounds, the players will then compete to win the Power of Veto. The holder of the Veto has the power to veto one of the HoH's nominations, forcing the HoH to choose a new nominee for banishment. (Note: The veto holder does NOT have to use it.) Once the final nominees for the rounds are set, all players except for the HoH and the nominees will vote to banish one of the nominees. In the case of a tied vote, the HoH breaks the tie. This continues until there are two players left, at which time the last 7 players eliminated will return and vote for one of the two finalists to be the winner of the game.

If you're interested in playing, please DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS JOURNAL. Contact me via note, or one one of my messengers.

YIM- wolfric_k_blackthorne
AIM- wolfeblackthorne
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