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New Pony!!!

Yup, I'm working on a new pony in hopes that it will help break my artist block.

Her name is Mimic, and yes I do know there is another pony in the older series with the same name... it's hard coming up with an original name when the character is based of the pony version of the shapeshifting monster known as the Mimic, or more comenly Mimic Chest.

Alot about her orgins is unknown to anyone but her. Mimic however is one of Eclipse kind... or so she says. However her strange ability to effortlessly shapeshift into various objects baffles even the best spell castors. However this ability obviously comes from her constant spooking of other ponies by poping out of chests, boxes, lamps, tables... pretty much any unassuming object. Another oddity is that she can in a sense fly dispite not having wings. Though only a few feet at most off the ground without changing into a flying object. Also for some reason her floating ability will work on clouds if her hooves are enchanted with a cloud walking spell, her float height is relative to a few feet from top of the cloud.

There is a limit to her shifting ability. She can only change into either a similar size to her, or as samll as a saddlebag (you know the kind the main cast use to carry stuff around).

Drawbacks are if she's spooked, hit, or has to much pressure/weight applied beyond her normal strength, while shifted she'll imediatly revert to her original form. (like someone bumps the table or tries to stick a key into the chest lock, etcr),  if she's floating she will suddenly drop to the ground.

Update: Mimic's personality and general deminor can be sumed up as: Annoying, Creepy, Rude, Obnoxious, somewhat mean, though mostly harmless. She loves to prank and scare people, but into other peoples buisness and typicaly just make a nuesence of herself. However she never means any harm by it, she just gets bored easily. However she is also a very loyal friend to Eclipse and very protective of her.... even if she does get on Eclipse nerves often. At least one generaly good thing can truely be said about Mimic... She at least knows when she's about to cross the line from playfull neusence to jerk, she just likes skirting it alot.

Eclipse however tends to shorten Mimic's name to just Mim.

Eclipse's usual hello to Mimic:

*Mimic jumps out trying to scare Eclipse*
Eclipse *not even phased*: Hi Mimic
Mimic: You know it's not as fun when you don't jump.
Eclipse: Sorry Mim, but when somepony's been around you as long as I have they get used to it.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
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