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A Discussion From TV Tropes

I was banned from TV Tropes for my persistent arguing on this topic but I want to get the argument out somehow. I argued for the inclusion of one certain villain to the "Complete Monster" villain type that I really think does fit. a Complete Monster is a villain that has absolutely no redeeming qualities and I like to use this term in every-day conversation. I also hope I may convince someone who is still on TV Tropes that my argument is correct.

the villain I was arguing Complete Monster status for was Discord from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", no, I'm not kidding. lets do a run-down of the current definition of "Complete Monster" and apply it to Discord.

"must commit acts that are truly horrendous by the story's standards"? Discord broke the Main Six by mercilessly taunting them about a crippling insecurity they each have before flat-out brainwashing them to be the opposite of who they really are against their will. we also have to look at this by the ponies point of view. and to be honest, Discord's actions truly sicken me. and then there was Celestia's story about Discord in the past that was accompanied by screaming in the background.

"the villain's terribleness must be played straight at all times, the villain must inspire hate fear and revolution from the other characters in the story"? I hold the belief that the first part of this criteria means only the actions of the villain must be played straight and it doesn't matter how much the villain him/herself is played for laughs. Discord is real hammy but his actions are nightmare inducing.

"the villain must never regret his/her actions and be totally devoid of altruism"? oh, yes.

part of the reason that I feel so strongly about this is because wile there are sympathetic villains that I think are great,  I usually don't want to sympathize with a bad guy. I want a villain that I can hate with every fiber of my being and wish would die or worse.

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