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Time to reiterate: sex does not sell.

Repeat after me. Sex does not sell. Sex does not sell. Sex does not sell. Sex does not sell.

I keep running into this and I keep having to refute it, so I think I'm just going to quote myself from the last time I felt the urge to comment on this. Beware. Rant.


Firstly, I'm not too sure if the VERY explicit Aphrodite-nonsense in God of War 3 (speaking as a 22 year old male, that mini-game is asinine and pointless, but I hardly think it's worth complaining about) was intended for under 18s at all.

See, this "sex sells" mantra has caught on too firmly, and people are refusing to let go of it, ignoring the simple truth that sex does not sell. Especially not with video games. Maybe you can convince some idiot to go see Transformers 2 because of Megan Fox's delectable titties, but you're NOT going to get me to go buy God of War 3 because of that twisted and meaningless Aphrodite mini-game. I don't think I know anybody who'd buy the game for that. I didn't even buy Kingdom Hearts, and I thought Sora was SOOOO... totally for another discussion.

Naturally, we can't go ten steps along this road without Lara Croft coming up, so let me just address this quickly to get it out of the way.
As someone who was a teenager and a child while Tomb Raider was up-and-coming, allow me to say this: I am offended that you feminist airheads dared to imply that just because of my age and gender I would be inclined to waste money on a shallow and pointless platformer. I judged it as a game, and I was not interested in her jugs or jiggle-physics.

Sex does NOT sell. It doesn't sell anything -- games, movies, anything! In fact, if used in advertising it reduces their effectiveness! I'm afraid it's merely one of those lame misconceptions socially maladjusted folks use to justify their arrogance and superiority complex. As in: "HUH! These common folks will buy anything with SEX in it! But not ME!"

You know, they simply don't stop to think that, perhaps if "sexuality" doesn't inspire them to buy "anything", then that's the case for everyone. Nope. They're superior. They're ABOVE that, folding their arms and looking down from their lofty podium with disdain upon the ignorant plebs, probably making a few ironically puerile and prejudiced remarks about how "childish" everyone else is.

It kinda makes me laugh. Do a Google search on "Sex Doesn't Sell." Here's one if you're lazy. http://edition.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Movies/12/29/sex.d...
There's a lot there. From adverts to movies. Go on.

What "sex" does is catch your attention quickly. Things still have to pass muster on their own, be they games or movies. The popularity of Tomb Raiders speaks of the average pleb-gamer's affinity for jumping from platform to platform in musty Egyptian ruins, not their desire to masturbate to unrealistic boobies when real porn is very much available to everyone.
And how two-faced is this logic anyway? If it's socially acceptable and even expected for teens to own games and movies with sexual themes and titillation, why don't they allow them to buy pornography and skip out this middle-man bullshit?

Incidentally, note the points about "the current generation" in that link. I am SICK and TIRED of hearing the same ageist lies about youths nowadays, and I think this needs to be repeated ad nauseum: children and teens are not influenced by "sex" to do outlandish things, by virtue of some magical, irresistible endocrines that, according to some, turn them into slavering, nigh-hypnotized sub-humans; and the current generation of children are "all about" things like NOT doing drugs, NOT committing crimes, NOT having sex with everything that moves. The last few generations of adolescents have been incredible in comparison to you old fucks, so give them some respect -- unlike you, they've earned it, you fuckin' hypocritical hippies.

I'm very sick of this "sex sells" crap. I'd be more tolerant of it if it wasn't also usually ageist as well as moronic and easily disproved. The only thing more offensive than an idiot pseudo-critic squealing about it is when a producer or game developer is fucking STUPID enough to act on it, producing meaningless, shallow tat in the hopes of winning over their audience with "sex appeal" instead of providing them with quality material, and doing nothing but insulting their intellect and maturity in the process. Someone kill this myth. GTFO.

Rantacular kitsune out.

That's right. Listen to that bloke, he seems rather strikingly intelligent.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
Interesting. I was always under the impression that this (sex selling was true)....magically....without evidence. *hits self in face* well, back to the research mobile.
7 years, 4 months ago
Basically, if I put a picture of a stereotypically hot woman on the front cover of a book, would you instantly just buy it? Would you crack it open and have a look to see if it was any good? Would you still buy it if it was crap? All for that picture on the front (that you could snap a pic of with your phone or find online anyway)?

People don't hurl money at video games, movies and such just because something sexually appealing was there. Why not instead go online and get free porn? >:3

See, I told people that porn would enlighten us all.
7 years, 4 months ago
Certainly applying "Sex sells" to everything is crazy and overused as you say. But sex most certainly does sell when it comes to furry comics and stories! It's very very hard to sell G rated comics and stories in the furry fandom. Not so hard to sell porn. :P
7 years, 4 months ago
No effing kidding. Then again, I think a lot of people are into the fandom just for the sex and porn. After all, it's damn near our most defining characteristic as a fandom. ;P
7 years, 4 months ago
Its interesting because as I asserted earlier, I subscribed (at one point whole heartedly and without a second thought) to the idea that "sex sells", and I even had cute little examples of it (for instance, if you play video games, specifically fighting video games, then you know about "Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball. If not, I recommend you look it up, it might be good for a chuckle.)

That having been said (and now that I have had Kool-aid), I think that the phrase that "sex sells" (while to be sure, hardly an infallible marketing premise) has some validity.

It seems to me that better looking people tend to inspire more confidence in a product. An example would be neutrogena anything really. You have attractive people market your face cream, and it inspires confidence
in the consumer, making them more likely to buy your product.

Or perhaps to take a more useful and less biased example: any vacuum cleaner commercial. The woman (lets face it, there aren't that many commercials for vacuum cleaners featuring guys) is rather attractive (though I concede, she does not typically conform to the idea of "sexy".) It just seems that putting attractive people on your product shows that you have faith in the effectiveness of your product, which in turn inspires confidence in your consumers.

So in short (thought it does seem a bit late for that) I believe that sex (though more frequently, overall attractiveness) inspires confidence in the consumer, expresses confidence on behalf of the sales pitcher and by way of this, convinces the consumer to purchase their product.

Though to be sure, I wouldn't EVER by a game or anything really, based on whether or not a hot woman was on the cover (I mean hell, anyone fool enough to try to market that to me,were it even the case that I was a big enough fool to fall for this pitch, is using the wrong gender anyways! :D)

7 years, 4 months ago
Well, okay, firstly you're talking about attractiveness, not sex appeal. In adverts, everything has to look pretty - they're not going to get an unattractive person to market their products with, and naturally the Neutragena model is going to be ludicrously good looking (and probably smothered in makeup) because they're directly implying that you'd look this good if you used their product. Note that this product is marketed to women, so it's not about sex appeal; likewise, male equivalents use male models, but not everyone who uses a male targeted facial wash is going to be gay. ;P

And vacuum cleaner adverts are aimed at the women who buy it; again, not sex appeal, just looking good. Like you said, instils faith in the product, etc, but it's also because: if you have to stare at someone trying to sell you a product, it should at least be a good looking person. Or, well, appropriate looking if nothing else. Always smothered in makeup and put in flattering lighting. This isn't sex appeal.

The problem here is you're looking at the adverts themselves - that's the problem, a lot of actual advertisers and film directors, marketers etc actually believe this, but they're flat out wrong, and the studies of their products (adverts, movies, etc) shows that. They had never sat down and actually tested the theory that sex appeal was what was getting their products to sell - it wasn't, as they have found out by finally deciding to research it. In some cases, playing to an audience's sexual interests would backfire horribly.

As for DOA, I got nothing. I never bought it, I don't know why anyone would... that's the entire franchise. But then again, I'm a Tekken guy. >:3 DOA SHALL NEVER WIN.

>(I mean hell, anyone fool enough to try to market that to me,were it even the case that I was a big enough fool to fall for this pitch, is using the wrong gender anyways! :D)
Also, that is a factor in my case as well - but even when products have come along that DO try to cater to my interests, I still haven't necessarily caved in and bought it. Especially not with video games. Like I said, was "interested" in Sora and before then, in Link when I was a child (Ocarina of Time) - I eventually opted for more PS games instead of buying an N64.
Cough. Yes, I was a weird kid.
7 years, 4 months ago
Haha! *reaches for the ceiling* Ya got me! I was unsure as to whether someone extremely attractive and revealing clothing had any real distinctions to be made, at least insofar as selling the product was concerned. But alas, the aforementioned distinction is not only existent, but to consequential to ignore.

But yeah, I'm a Tekken guy (I love you KING! (and not just because he has the head and tail of a leopard)) myself. Don't feel bad, just about every man woman child (and apparently some lions *coughSIMBAcough*) has SOMETHING for that boy. I do however recommend it (the first one I mean).
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