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This is just bewildering...

OK, so a little while ago, someone showed me a "spanking" themed story repository online. Kinda didn't think he'd be into it, since he seems even more averse to corporal punishment than I am.

Naturally, a lot of the stories are about kids being whacked, though so long as the victim is male, it qualifies for the site.

As I've often said before, I'm absolutely no stranger to the concept of "fantasy" and how it is so completely remote from reality. There are things that disgust (or even flat out enrage) me in real life that, thanks to certain minor elements, I don't necessarily mind seeing them in stories or even role-playing them.

On that note, I suppose if you're a kinky (or just mentally bizarre) kid and you enjoy being spanked viciously (to the level that creepy sadistic men will pound their junk just reading about it) for minor things by your power-crazed parent, then more power to you. Your borderline abusive dad thinks he's punishing you but on some level you enjoy it. Cool.

Funny how that doesn't happen very often...

At any rate, I can understand fantasy pretty damn well, but the authors of these two-bit fap stories often feel the need to get political and it's hard to tell whether they're just talking crap or they genuinely believe it and are trying to justify their perversions as good social policies.

Usually, they slip this crap into the establishing part of their story. I've seen hundreds of variations of this, both on this website and on another:

"It is the year 2045! Left-wing pussies have ruined the world! Our children have gone wild! As the youth crime rate soared after the year 2000, parents could not get their children to respect them, and schools could not educate them, it was decided to enact radical new social policies and give people the power to enforce them.
They were called...

The Judges.

Okay, I'm taking the piss.

"It was decided {long, long reams of bullshit pseudo-legalese and nonsense that basically comes down to:} that severe corporal punishment would be inflicted upon wrongdoers of all ages. Through the courts or within families. It was time to undo the lefty-pussies' damage!"

So, you know, the same sort of bullshit justification that I've got at the beginning of "SdY", except I'm justifying loving sex, they're justifying beating kids to snotty pulps for not doing their homework. Nothing like "abject fear of physical abuse" to get you thinking clearly for your book report.

I'm not even going to bother arguing against corporal punishment - just this bullshit. To put it reeeaaally gently: if you think things are bad now, what with the trained psychologists with their countless case studies, experience with helping directly in family matters and analyzing the shit out of the issue convincing many parents and schools to foreswear corporal punishment, you just need to shut the hell up and cast a look back to when it was the norm.

You do actually realize that all of it has improved, right? Our kids are better behaved, there's less youth crime, people in general are far more educated than they were thirty years ago, etc? A direct comparison between US schools still using corporal punishment and those that don't shows markedly worse behavior, grades and drop-out rates in the former.

Some people don't like the fact that youths can be irreverent nowadays, not giving their parents the "respect" these people remember being forced to give theirs, but that's not the downside you think it is.
This comes from increased self-respect and autonomy, and given how everything is improving I'd say this is the right track. It comes from telling kids "respect is earned, not automatic" and from telling them the truth: that adults are not always right. That being humiliated and demeaned but not allowed to complain about it because of your "status" as a child is wrong and unfair - that they can and should complain, negotiate and stick up for themselves with their parents, because that's how happy families are made.

And, of course, that stifling everything with layers of "respect" and tradition and "speaking when spoken to" is a flat out fucking horrible environment. Children still do respect their parents nonetheless, it's just that they're allowed to express their dismay at being walked in on in the shower.
When I told my mum to piss off, she knew I still respected her, I just wanted to be left alone; we get along fine, it's the parent that's full of this "respect" and "cheeky" and other bullshit that doesn't get along with me. Or anyone.

I already know the typical response, and don't bother: nobody wants to hear your anecdotal evidence that things are oh-so-bad these days. I don't want to hear about those couple of kids you know that are such total bastards and you (probably erroneously) think they'd be set straight by a good whacking. Everyone, throughout the ages, could pluck out one or two anecdotes like that. It's always been the case. Fact is, there is less of them now.

Now hold on a second.
Remember, we're not talking about someone advocating the occasional spank for a naughty kid. That's not necessarily an evil thing. We're talking about a total societal overhaul where smacking the brains out of a kid for minor offenses is going to become the norm. Maybe in public, by court officers. Like some sort of ritual.

All because these people want to justify their sexual interest in seeing a child beaten to tears.

Do they legitimately believe these things? I got no idea. But I'm not ragging on their sexual interests, because it's fantasy alright. That is aaaabsolutely fantasy. Anyone claiming that "tough love" tactics would "correct" the state of the world at the moment has simply not studied any correctional criminology - which, for the record, I have - and they're definitely away with the faeries.

Ultimately though, it keeps coming back to flimsy excuses for these characters to get spanked, which is fine, it's basically erotica. Porn doesn't need good reasons. Like I said, it's when they seem to be trying to extend this from "justification for porn" to "preaching."

At that point it's time to pull someone up short and go "Uh, mate, you're gonna have to defend this shit now. Ready? Wipe that froth off your face... and down there."

Oh yes, I do indeed preach in my stories. They ARE political. Difference is, I'm not talking absolute bullshit that the media feeds me and I can back it all up without vaguely insisting that kids today are "like, the worst evar." I also don't take up political crusades because of what turns me on!

You can get off on kids being beaten to tears. It's your sexuality, it's your fantasy. That's fine, you can get off on that as much as you like. Nobody is actually being hurt by it.

But when you start trying to let this shit bleed into reality, to the detriment of real children, you've got an enemy. You've got a lot of fucking enemies.
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Apologies in advance for the elevated heart rate.
7 years, 2 months ago
Yikes... I sincerely hope those quotes are parody or satire... :x
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