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"Faggots" revisited.

Or "Reloaded." Whatever.

Now that I've calmed down a little, I'm just going to clarify a few points in that journal.

pointed me to the Louis CK skit where a homosexual comedian addresses the use and origin of the word "faggot", which was interesting because someone in the forum thread that irritated me to the point of posting that rant-fest had done it too.

I more or less agree that people could carefully remove the bite from the insult if they used it in a proper manner, much the same way that "the N word" was reclaimed for African-Americans. There are ways for that to be done, but simply telling someone to "not be offended" whenever they're called a "faggot" on the street has nothing whatsoever to do with a homosexual using the word affectionately, or a comedian using the word ironically or humorously.

What it comes down to is: go up to a black guy working out at the gym and call him a "fucking n*****" and tell me if he's not well within his rights to lamp you one. Or call someone else one when he's able to hear you. You don't get to tell him to "get over it" because "if you'd just stop getting offended at it, it would lose its power as an insult."

It's not the word itself, it's the context, it's the racist fucker that using it - thank you, Mr. Carlin.
You could call someone a "chimney" or "paper plate" and make it an insult - if that is your intention, to use it as an insult. Why do you feel calling someone a homosexual is a valid insult?

In short, it won't lose its "power" and people won't stop being offended by the word until it is no longer used with the intention of offending. The people who use it as an insult have decided it's an insult to be called gay - it's their attitude that needs to change.

As always, people get their information on bullies from Peanut comics. They don't "lose interest and go away" if you don't react (they'll make you react). Real bullies make people commit suicide, and no pithy, single sentence, feel-good advice like that is going to help. They don't commit suicide "because the media is making it cool" either, you utterly disgusting morons.

To stop the word being used with the intention of offending, it can still be spoken. It should still be spoken. To quote that Louis CK skit: "by all means, use it, just be aware of what it means." It was used as an ironic, affectionate "insult" in that skit scarcely two seconds later. Yeah, fine! That's not what's happening when some dumb motherfucker gets in your face at the bar and screams "You're a fuckin' faggot!", where he "really means it" or not.

The inspiration for this rant was the backlash against Blizzard, developers of World of Warcraft and Diablo, who green-lighted a music video by their band "Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftains" that contained the line "night elf faggots."

Cue the idiots stepping in to say everyone should have just "got over it" and Blizzard shouldn't have apologized.

Wait, hold on. Imagine you're a young gay kid playing World of Warcraft, maybe thirteen or fourteen. Blizzard, who are not small-fries, release a video validating and promoting all the worst behavior of WoW trolls; validating their use of "you are homosexual, this is a slight against you as a person" as an insult.

This warrants a chiding if nothing else. In what way is their usage of the word going to help ease its passage into "unoffensive territory?" In WoW, when someone calls you a "faggot", they're not being affectionate or ironic, they're trying to wound - and they'll mock, taunt, insult everything else about you under the sun and make it firmly clear that they think being a "shit-dick, hairy-ass loving faggot" is a bad thing.

Some people can shrug that kind of shit off. But not those who are already ashamed or scared because of their sexuality, living in a "real-life" situation where everyone around them that matters agrees fully with the attitude of that insulting little shit on WoW.

Hell, if nothing else: Blizzard, we know you unfairly favor the Horde and your writing team probably spends their evenings suckling the realistic penis of the life-sized Thrall figurine at the top floor of the Blizzard HQ. Just chill out and get back to making the Alliance look like wimps or racist dickheads, and letting the Horde save the world.

For the record, I actually joined a "GLBT friendly" guild on WoW once. Shouldn't have. It was well known, and I got to see just how wonderfully tolerant WoW players are; and I got to see just how many people "didn't really mean it." They mean it, they "know" they're addressing an actual homosexual (as far as they are concerned - I don't consider myself homosexual) and they definitely intend it to be an insult.

I've helped people out for ten minutes before they go "thanks, faggot" and pulled powerful elites onto me. I've had people just walk up to me in the middle of capital cities and go "fag" or worse. Again: this is just because I was in a GLBT guild - I don't advertise my interests and you can't tell when you meet me in person.
When I was playing on my guild-less Horde warlock once, I helped a guy out for two hours and he started dissing the Alliance: "I can't stand playing Alliance. All the queer fags pick Night Elves and shit."
Yeah, thanks Blizzard, let that guy know just how cool that attitude is with an official music video from LVL70ETC.

Let's stop talking about "throwing homosexuals on the fire when burning witches" and conflating someone using it casually with someone using it while stomping on a gay teen's face. When you do that, insensitive fuckwads say "duh, that's obviously not what is intended, get over it; if you don't get offended..."

No, let's just keep it fucking simple: the environment in WoW is the sort of thing I'm talking about and how it can relate to a person's home environment. It has been decided by these idiots that being gay is something to be insulted over, and they have a variety of words to employ. It's a hostile, uncomfortable atmosphere and the sensitive homosexual kid sitting quietly in a group full of people spewing "fag" and "that's gay" has no way of knowing if they "don't mean it" or if they'll suddenly rip into him and boot him the moment he points out he's actually gay.

After all, that's what his pastor, father, mother, brother, peers and/or teachers do whenever someone is even suspected of being gay.
Not everyone can just "get over it" or knows it's just a joke. Okay? When the word isn't used and "really meant", then it's fair game, but that time hasn't come yet. Until then, it's just the same as the "N word" and you should prefer other insults to using it around people you don't know, even if you don't really mean it. Comedians excepted.

Speaking of comedy...

The dream.
"You're a fucking fag."
"That does not offend me!"
"Oh... okay then. I am, for some reason, flummoxed. Sorry for wasting your time."

The reality.
"You're a fag!"
"Excuse me, but I am actually gay. So I don't find that offensive."
"You should, shit-dick. God hates you - it's in the Bible. Go get some AIDS, you pervert. Does your mother know she won't be getting grand-kids, you disappointment? How about I tell her? Or how about your religious boss? You know what, I think I'll just get my buddies and we'll kick the shit out of you because you simply being gay has enraged me to that point. It's just so insensitive of you."

The reality we hope for.
"You're a fucking fag."
"The word doesn't offend me, but the way you're using it does. I'd say 'fuck you, asshole' but that'd be ironic." *punches in the face*
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7 years, 4 months ago
I'm not sure what I missed in the first journal or rant. I still haven't had a chance to read it.  However, I'm pretty sure you just hit the nail on the head with this one.
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