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Today was an ok day. I went to bed 4 am, woke up 7:30 am, went to school and came home 3 pm. then I went to school again at 5:30 pm, then I came home around 9:30 pm.
So Im fucking tired and hungry. got no time to make any real food. so I tried to make something I could eat, then my dad stops me and says "NO ITS TOO LATE FOR THAT NOW YOU COULD HAVE DONE THIS EARLYERRR JSKHLAKJSHAISJIAHSIUPAHIU" then I said "No, I had no time to do this because I had other things to do. like HOMEWORK and CLEANING MY ROOM". then he went all "HJAKHDSIASKJIHLAU". and yeah, I tried bread. it taster like dirt because its out of date. there were nothing else than shit-food left, and I don't want fast food now.

so Im going tired to bed now witout any food or anyhing. and I have diabetes.
this ain't going to end good. but I'll blame my dad. HES the one who shouted at me because I made myself some FOOD which I NEED to live before bed.

good fucking night people.
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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
Wow, do you have cram school? i do at around 5:30pm here (Tokyo) but man your dad must be an ass >_< both my parents left me with my grandparents so idk how parents act but Obâsan can be a bitch to me at times >x<

im sorry hope things get better
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