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Random Musings on Art and Such, pt.1

So today, I though I'd get a little experimental with how I write this journal post. Instead of sitting here, gathering all my thoughts on the subject, I thought I'd write them out as they came to me while I worked. This is probably going to be posted in a series, I really don't wanna drop a load of TL;DR on all of you. :P

-Art, thy name is Sisyphus! (and I'm damn happy too!)
I'm doing one of the things that brings me great joy; creating something. It's something I've always been attracted to, dare I say, addicted. Something that has led me to great joy, and frustration. But hey, if art wasn't easy, it wouldn't be fun. Because the best part is seeing yourself improve! Realizing that all that time drawing, getting blisters on your fingers or any problems related to your medium. How about slicing your palm with a chisel, eh? Art comes from PAIN! Hehehe. Anyway like I was saying, there's nothing better than seeing a turnout from the first drawing you made long ago, to the one you just finished. And then later on down the road, it'll still be the same! It's always uphill! And in this case, it's a good thing! You don't want to plateau, or go downhill! Shit, even the great Michelangelo said that he wasn't done learning art! If I remember, he said this in his 60's or 80's! You're only done, when you say you are. Me? I'll NEVER put my pencil/pen/stylus/paintbrush/what-have-you down!

-On "Perfection" and being "Numero Uno"
There's no such thing. Seriously. Nothing is perfect in art. It branches out in so many ways, that one maxim CANNOT apply to everything in the subject. Many an artist I have known stop creating because they haven't caught the elusive thing called "Perfection". Especially figure drawing. The human (or animal) body is FAR from perfect! We are not symmetrical, nor do we all grow with the same proportions. But there is something called "well done", where you draw something in a realistic manner, that it looks believable. This is what we are aiming for here, folks! Taking life, and putting our own slant on it! There's no such thing as an objectively perfect work! There is such thing as objectively GOOD composition, or objectively BAD colour scheme. Not everything is in the eye of the beholder. Some of it is common knowledge. Just know this; NOBODY is "The Best". There will always be someone better than that one artist you put on the highest pedestal you got. Always. So don't go trying to be "The Best Arteest EVAR!". Just be the best that you can be. Be better than you were last month. Don't look up to your artistic superiors and think "I WISH I were as good as them". Think "I WANT to be as good as them!" Nay, think "I WILL WORK AND IMPROVE MY ABILITES to match them!" But don't let the competitiveness get too far ahead of you, or you won't have any awesome artist friends to hook you up with jobs/venues/shamelessly & enthusiastically plug your work! Never burn a bridge with someone unless you have a damn good reason to!
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